Support for Apple Script in HuionTablet software

Currently, on the macOS version of the HuionTablet software, there is no way to configure the use of apple scripts for the keydial scroll wheel, or tablet scrollbars.

It is possible to configure apple scripts for key presses, if you export them as .app and set them as background only apps, and then pick the option 'open application' on the HuionTablet software.

As an example, I wanted to rewind / fast forward a Spotify song with turning my key dial's wheel.
This is possible thanks to Spotify's support for apple script.
Sadly I have to resort to using 2 keys instead.

I would like the option to 'open application' to be available on the scroll wheel or scroll bars too. 

  • Hi M. Z., thank you for your suggestion to add the "open application" option on the scroll wheel and scroll bars. I'll forward your suggestion to our software engineers who will review the feasibility of this functionality. Kindly check our download center for the latest drivers and updates. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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