Issue with Software

Hello there, I'm having an issue with the huion h1060p software. The pen actually works better without the software because I can use the Pen's secondary button to erase and the primary button to select. As soon as I download the software, these stop working (they change to right mouse click and "E" key respectively). And I can't seem to find the erase and select features in the software to reassign the buttons. So I've been avoiding using the software, but I'd like to use because my tablet has 8 buttons that are basically unused. Anyone else experience this problem?
  • Hi Joey, I'm sorry about your pen button functionality. May I know the following so I can better assist you:

    1. The tablet driver version you installed
    2. Your drawing program and its version
    3. Your computer operating system and version

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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