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I bought a Huion Kamvas 13 less than a month ago and everything was going just fine. Recently i’ve been facing a problem where my pen would just right click whenever i press on the screen, but a simple restart did the trick. But today, a simple restart wouldn’t fix it at all. I tried reinstalling the driver but it would only work for a brief moment. The pen could work properly on 2 situations. First is when i don’t install the driver and second is when i uncheck windows ink option. But doing so will remove the pen’s ability to apply pressure sensitivity, which i need. Is there a way to fix this issue? Im using a windows 11 Laptop and Clip Studio Paint

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  • Hi Jaden, I'm sorry about the pen issue you're experiencing. Please try the following steps so we can check if the issue is caused by the driver, Medibang, your computer, pen, or the tablet itself:

    1. Uninstall the tablet driver from your computer, disconnect and reconnect your tablet, then test if your tablet works without the driver. However, please skip this step if your computer is running on MacOS Catalina or later, since a driver is needed for your tablets to work.
    2. Change your pen nib with a new one and ensure there are no dust particles inside the tip, especially for the H610PRO pen. Dusts can cause electromagnetic interference resulting to pen malfunction.
    3. If you have the H610PRO (2048), please ensure you uninstall its driver since this model can only work with version 12 drivers. But if you have the H610PRO (8192) or H610PRO V2, you can share the same driver version with Kamvas 13. Thus, please ensure you only have one tablet driver installed on your computer. 
    4. If you use other drawing programs aside from Medibang, please check if you experience the same issue on other drawing programs.
    5. If you can access another computer, please try both tablets on another computer, with and without the driver so we can check if the issue persists on another computer.

    If your issue persists in every step above, please send an email to so with the following information so we can help you further:

    1. Serial # of your H610PRO and Kamvas 13 tablets (found on the back of your units, which start with S/N)
    2. Your Kamvas 13 order number
    3. Your computer operating system and version 
    4. The tablet driver version you installed on your computer (you can find this in the driver > go to Settings > About tab
    5. Your Medibang version
    6. What other drawing programs you tested and their versions

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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