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Would it be possible to add a functionality (as an option) to the tablets and screen tablets, so that secondary buttons (the buttons on the side of the pen) activate their functions only when the tip of the pen touches the tablet/screen (and the respective buttons of course). This is a feature that for example Wacom tablets have (they call it Click and Tap), and it is really useful because it makes the precision of the click for secondary buttons be perfect.

When disabled (in their brand), it works just like Huion's. But this way, whenever you want to use "right-click" for example (assigned to a side button), the precision of the click will be unstable because whenever you press the button with the pen in the air, your wrist slightly tilts making the pen tilt as well, moving the cursor and with that the selection. It's less than a millimeter, but depending on the application and the tablet size, it can make the input displace considerably, and ruin the experience. It's most noticeable in applications like Blender for instance, in which you need to use the right click for making some strokes in sculpting, and you need to make the on the air, making it impossible to use.

On the othe hand, if this feature was implemented, it would work while clicking the side button, and then making a stroke (or click) using the tip button (this is called clicking and tapping, for side button and tip respectively), then it would make only the side button's function work, while retaining the precision of the stroke that the tip is making as you precisely tap or stroke on the tablet (not in the air). And since you are using the side button, the tip buttons functions would be disabled while the side button is pressed. Since not even in a mouse, pressing at the same time right-click and left-click is possible (or at least makes only one work), it would be the same in the tablet, and no feature would be lost.

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    Hi, yes. My OS is Windows 10. I'll provide the data, but please believe me that it has nothing to do with any specific program nor their versions. Huion has always behaved this way. I've been using the tablet since April 2022. So if I had to provide any versions it would be all versions, because I've been updating all software (this isn't a bug report, I was suggesting a feature). Also, as regards tablet firmware and driver versions, I will provide them only to comply with you. But it's the same, I also have another Huion tablet (a regular one, an Inspiroy) and it works just the same. It doesn't depend on the software (like Blender or Clip Studio or Photoshop, etc.), it's just the way Huion works, even at system level. At input device level.

    1. Driver: v15.6.3.132 (I remember having updated the driver during all this time. So probably also 2 versions prior to this)

    2. Firmwares:
              M16s_201210 (Huion Kamvas 16 GS1562)
              T19g_210313 (Huion Inspiroy RTS-300)

    3. Softwares: Any software. All versions (I'm not kidding. The behavior is at input device level, it has nothing to so with software)

    4. OS:
        Edition Windows 10 Pro
        Version 22H2
        OS build 19045.2846

    Also, I've used it in 2 more computers with the same result. I've provided the current computer data. Also, I've updated it several times throughout this time I've been using the tablet. So this is not the only build in which it bahaved like this. It always behaves this way. I think the driver is designed this way as I explain below.

    As I mentioned in one of my comments (I'll write it again because it might be useful), if you do not install any driver (I mean, if you plug the tablet without having installed them yet), they behave in the way I'm requesting. The side buttons only work when I also tap on the screen. In other words, I press any side button, and it is the contact between the pen tip and the tablet what triggers the side button's action (I've last tested this a month ago when I bought my Inspiroy). However, once you install the driver (which is necessary for using the tablets' pen pressure and other stuff) it's all gone. Like it's one of the tablet's drivers functions to get rid of that way of behaving.

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  • I've been writing an answer during 20 minutes and posted it, but I don't see it anywhere. This is really strange and frustrating, really. I hope it appears in a few minutes.

  • It seems my post was lost in oblivion (only me comment where I hope for it to show up appears). I'm really sorry if this sounds rude, but I took the time to write all of that and it doesn't appear in the thread. It's frustrating. So, I'm going to summarize it really short and simple.

    This wasn't a bug report. It is a request for a feature. So the data you ask for is meaningless. The tablet's behavior is the same regardless the software, the versions, or even the tablet. All Huion tablets behave the same at input device level.

    They or their drivers are designed this way. I have a Kamvas 16 and an Inspiroy 300 RTS. It's all the same since I bought them, over several driver updates, and software and OS updates. I've been using the Kamvas for more than a year so far. It's not about any version of any such things. It's the way the product is made.

    The thing I want to remark is that before you install the drivers, the tablets behave in the way I'm asking for. That being: the side buttons functions only start working once you put the tip of the pen onto the tablet. But after installing the driver all that is lost, as if the driver (any version at least since I bought the tablet in April 2022) is meant to override that. But I need to install the driver to use the pressure and other things. I last tested this a month ago when I bought the Inspiroy RTS-300.

    It's the same in other computers, I've used them in 3 Windows 10 computers.

    I only ask if there's the possibility of adding that feature. Because it's a little annoying to be trying to hold my hand still on the air only to press a button properly.

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  • Hi Facundo Nahuel Albarracin Garnica, thank you for providing the requested information, and for the clarification. We understand that this is not limited to the driver or software you are using. We just want to know these information so we have something to start with. We appreciate your clarifications and your effort to explain the functionality you need. Thank you!

    I have forwarded your information to our Technical Department for further tests. I'll update you as soon as I receive their feedback. Have a good one!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  • Hi, I just noticed that in the end, my post did show up in the thread. Again, sorry if I seemed somewhat rude about that. And thanks for taking the time to consider my suggestion.

    Best regards!

  • Hi Facundo Nahuel Albarracin Garnica, not to worry. I understand where you are coming from. Our system will automatically filter posts containing several links for security reasons. It will be available after it is reviewed as a safe post. 

    I appreciate your cooperation in providing all the requested information, and we apologize for taking too much of your time. Rest assured, our Technical Department is looking into this, and I'll update you as soon as I receive their feedback.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Thank you!

  • Hi, I'm also an ex Wacom user and i've been looking forward to this feature for the past two years since i purchased my Kamvas Pro 13, i works mostly with 3d art but do some 2d as well and in most situations this feature would be very much welcome, as Facundo mentioned, clicking the side buttons while hovering creates some jitter that throws off the precision of the pen when the right click is performed. Software like zBrush rely heavily on the right mouse button for moving the camera, other software like Adobe's Substance Painter and Photoshop itself uses right click for brush adjustments such as size and opacity, with the parameter you're controlling being determined by whether you move your mouse horizontally or vertically once RMB is pressed, the little jitter you get while hovering is significant enough to potentially lock it on the wrong axis, as well as the hover, with the lack of support from the tablet's surface makes it harder for precise adjustments to be made.

    This alone is the primary reason why i end up trading off the benefits of using a tablet and return to using a mouse in certain applications, as well as the reason why i switched my main 2d drawing software to Sketchbook Pro, as it's designed from the ground up with a tablet in mind, and certain features like panning/zooming and rotating can be done with as single pen shortcut, as well as the brush adjustments requiring a shortcut to be held while the pen touches the surface.

    But with that in mind, i have to note that this feature would be best used if the "click and tap" was done per shortcut, rather than a global setting, as in certain cases it would be beneficial to have it on, but not in others. Sketchbook for example, once you hold the spacebar, a little radial menu appears next to the cursor, and depending on where you click on that menu you either pan, zoom or rotate the canvas, if click and tap was enabled for that shortcut, it would require pressing the pen button and tapping the screen to register a spacebar, on which it would also require moving the cursor to the right position on the radial menu and then clicking. 

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  • Hi Taylor Roddin, thank you for your detailed explanation of the importance of this functionality. I have forwarded your feedback to our software engineers so they can continue exploring the feasibility of having this function in the future. We apologize for the long wait, as this cannot be implemented without proper review and testing. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

  •  Hello! I'd also like to add another opinion in support of this feature. I mainly use graphics tablets for 3D sculpting in ZBrush, and the ability to "click & tap," as found in the Wacom tablet settings, is really important for me while doing that kind of work.


    I had trouble putting the issue into words until I saw Taylor's description of it, which encapsulates it perfectly. 3D software like ZBrush and Blender use a lot of inputs that involve clicking down the right or middle mouse button and moving the cursor in a certain direction to lock some motion to an axis. The hand jitter that occurs when hovering the pen above the tablet and clicking a side button is often enough to unintentionally lock the motion to a certain axis. The ability to click & tap overcomes this since the right mouse button isn't inputted until my pen touches the screen, where the friction lets me smoothly move the pen to lock my motion onto an axis with no issue.

    I've unfortunately had to move back to my old Wacom tablet because of how much this issue bothers me while working, but I'm happy to see that Huion is actively working on it. I'll be keeping my eye on this thread so I can hopefully move back to Huion if/when this feature is implemented!

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