true profiles for working area, and associated quick-actions

At present i use Backup > Import  as a workaround for true profile implementation

This works, but it requires a dozen clicks or so to launch the GUI, open the settings, navigate OS file system, select the backup file, apply, close the GUI.

If importing specific backup files could be bound to quick-actions, this underlying functionality would instantly become a true Profile system rather than a clunky semi-unintended use of a Backup system

Additional info :

For my use-case, I use different "profiles" in different parts of my workflow to manage the Working Area.

For art,  I use the tablet in a standard 1:1 manner bound to only one 16:9 display. For all other tasks other than the actual drawing process, I use a much smaller range mapped across multiple monitors, with the 16:19 ratio preserved. This is a tricky ratio to set up,  profile switching is really the only feasible way to do it.


This workflow is important for ergonomic and pragmatic reasons,  part of the purpose of a tablet to me has always been to prevent RSI of doing heavy administrative work with a mouse alone, and the tiny mapping + all monitors are both crucial elements of that.

If I could just push one  physical button to do this,  it would be saving me the aforementioned dozen clicks workflow interruption probably 6-10 times per day.  

This could be implemented as one profile per button or one button to rotate between multiple profiles.

Alternatively, the way I was accustomed to this behaviour with wacom drivers a decade ago was per-software working-area mappings. This implementation allows for simply alt-tabbing in and out of the art software to seamlessly give the user access to both monitors  as well as reduce the working area to a small size more appropriate for all non-drawing purposes.

I do hope this is considered, I love huion products and the drivers have come a long way since I first switched from wacom. But as it is now, the friction of changing the driver profile via backup is high enough that I often just reach for the mouse instead, which literally has been giving me a specific RSI due to the desk is set up for tablet use.

It seems like all the building blocks for this request are already in place other than an in-driver reference to a specific backup file rather than a user-driven selection from filesystem.

  • Hi - isk, thank you for your suggestion. Currently, you can only change the working area if you assign your tablet to one display. Unfortunately, this is not yet available for multiple displays. I will have your working area and profile suggestions forwarded to our software engineers so they can test the possibility of having this in our future driver versions. 

    Your ideas are always welcome so we can further improve our products. It is much appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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