Kamvas GT-191 V2 Pen is lagging, drawing broken lines


The Pen of my Kamvas Gt-191 V2 isn't working properly.

It is lagging, sometimes drawing interrupted lines or starting a line later (not just later in time, but also later in place, like I draw a 3cm line, but my pen just draws the last 2cm).
Sometimes a click only works after 3-5 clicks, sometimes it just register some hovering action.
Sometimes the hovering or any movement of the pen isn't registered at all. For minutes. And after some time - the pen starts to function again. But after 3 minutes everything starts lagging again.
When I press the pen buttons, they only work in 1 of 4 cases like they should

 In the attached Screenshot below I drew 1 continuous Line

What I have tried so far:

- Uninstalling and then installing the new driver
- Updating my Laptop"s Software
- Updating my Laptop's grafic driver
- Uninstall and install the driver again
- Multiple Reboots of my Laptop
- Changing the pen nib

This problem occurred from one moment to another, no unusual movement of my drawing tablet or my pen.

I hope there is a solution, best regards.

  • Hi Tinten, thank you for the steps you performed. Based on your description and your screenshot, your pen may possibly be broken. I need you to perform a test using our software so I will create a ticket for you. I'll continue assisting you through your ticket, which will be sent to your email.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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