Huion KD100 Button Icon template

Just snagged a KD100 so I could work with my graphics tablet when standing up and out of reach of my keyboard. Wanted to create some icons while I'm in the process of building muscle memory. Thought I'd share the SVG so anyone can edit the files and make their own icons. 

You will need a vector art program to edit them. Inkscape (free), Affinity Designer (one-time fee), or Illustrator (subscription) will work. You can get icons off to place into the template. You can use image trace to convert them to vectors so you can recolor them freely. The button shapes are to scale so as long as you don't select "shrink to fit" while printing you should be fine. 

For printing the labels on macro pads, I tend to keep it simple. Print on normal paper, add a layer of clear packing tape for lamination, and use a gluestick to attach it. This method has held up fine for years on an older macro pad I have and it's non-permanent so you can remove or swap them without damaging the product. 

The curves on the outside of the model should be accurate too. I'm currently creating a 3D-printed lip that will hold the key dial in place at the corners when used at steeper angles. Using this SVG as a reference, I was able to design a shape that looks promising in TinkerCAD. Just need to create a way to mount the lip on my tablet. Below are links to the WIP files if anyone wants to edit and modify them.

The curve of the bottom corners 

The curve of the upper corners

(5.81 MB)
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