My Pen freezes ONLY when i press the pen buttons and sometimes lags

The pen stops at the moment i press the buttons and it lags a little if i even put my fingers near the buttons.
Well i've about this and this problem happens even with the drivers off. and reinstalling and unpluggin or whatever, otherwise if i don't get near the buttons it works good

  • Hi Hector Pico, thank you for contacting. It is normal when you press the pen buttons and the pen can not draw. pen stroke and pen buttons can not be used at the same time. As for the lag when you put your fingers near the buttons. It would be much appreciated if you could take a video that can show the problem clearly (upload to Dropbox or Google drive would be preferred and please grant permission to anyone who has the link to view it). You can use your phone in taking the video provided that we can clearly see both your screen and your pen. By the way, please kindly provide us with the following information:

    1. Operating system of your computer or laptop, Windows or Mac

    2. Product serial number (from the back of the unit)

    3. The version of firmware

    4. The version of driver

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Now that i noticed the buttons don't work whatsoever and the lag/stutter is showed in the video below:

    even with the slightest touch of my finger it stops like of i was pressing the button, that i'm not
    -Windows 10 HP laptop
    -serial number: ACT50SH01674
    -firmware version: T184_190313
    -driver version:v15.6.2.80
    -model h610v2pro

    So sorry if this is just problem of a used pen since i've had this tablet for like a few months

  • ok nevermind i just opened it and a wire of the coil broke, im solding it tomorrow to see if it fixes anything

  • yep, it was that

  • Hi Hector Pico, thank you for the reply. We have created a ticket for your and replied to you, please kindly check.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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