Some Real Suggestions

Please Make The HUION H950P Left Handed Mode On Huion Draw & In General Please Make A Option To Switch From Right To Left Hand, I'm A Left Handed Guy & I Can't Use My Tab On My Phone Cause Guess What It Only Registers From Right Side & I Can't Even Flip 180 To Make It Left Cause Still The Projecting Screen Is On The Right Side, Please Make It Work.

On Computer 
I CAN'T Use The Pen As A Whole Mouse I Have To Switch On The "Enable Windows INK" To Use Scroll Function & If I Want To Drag I Have To "Disable" It & Then I Can't Use Scroll So Please Fix This Its Really Important For Me To Work Efficiently Please Just Do It Make It Better. 

  • Hi Rohit Verma, thank you for posting your feature request. As of the moment, our tablets don’t have the feature you need. But I will make sure to inform our Product Development Team about it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  • Thanks For Replying,
    Please Make A Fresh New Update For The Inspiroy Tablets That Can Have Those Feature's For In Software 
    That We Can Control For Our Tabs Its Really Important & We Need Those Things Every Artist Suffers From This 
    So Please Make This As One Of Your Priorities Thank You.

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