Driver Feature Updates for Linux

I would like to see more of the features available on windows in the linux drivers. For example in windows there is a sensitivity setting in the shortcut keys setting wich adjusts the sensitivity for the "touch bar" that I have on my kamvas pro 13 but that same setting / feature is not available in the linux drivers wich is unfortunate as the default setting is pretty low and I have to swipe from one end to the other for it to even regester never mind move/ or Zoom  

  •  There are also more missing features in the shortcut key bindings Wich I miss on linux

  •  I will post a List of all the other missing features and options that I would like to have added to the linux drivers

    but for now I have to go between windows and linux to see all the differences

    and If I remember correctely there was a way that I could set up one of the pen buttons so that I could pan the canvas without having to touch the screen and by only hovering the pen and moving the cursor. I also cannot do that In linux

  • Hi Vokun Sahvoz, thank you for posting your feature request. We have forwarded it to our Product Department.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Ok I've been playing around a bit and there's a couple more problems .

    There is no option to calibrate my Huion kamvas 13 pro in the linux drivers.

    and when I set one of the buttons on the pen to middle mouse button it won't register in krita. I don't know about other programs as I only use krita.

    the other thing is that I can zoom/out or scroll up/down with the touch strip but not when I'm holding the pen in range of the tablet it simply won't register the touch strip input when the pen is close to the tablet screen and when it does it doesn't work well.

    I know I might be asking for a lot and these are tiny inconveniences but so many of them add up to ruin my work flow so I would ask you: Please put more effort into linux support!!

    Thank you

  • Hi Vokun, thank you for your feedback. We are working on it. I am glad to inform you that it will work fine in next version of Linux driver.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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