Nested Quick Menus....

The quick menus are great, but you're unfortunately are limited to only 6 shortcuts. I would love to see an option for nested quick menus, so that when you select one of those six, you have the option to open another quick menu. This way you can go from 6 to 36 shortcuts. 

Of course, it would have to be optional. You should still be able to to use the original quick menu as you do today, for things you need quick access to (e.g. Undo), but then have an option to have a couple of them expand to new quick menus for features you use less often.

  • Hi Ragnar Brynjúlfsson, Thank you for your suggestion. As of the moment, our tablets don’t have the feature you need. But I will make sure to inform our Product Development Team about it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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