H1060P slight delays on "Mouse Right Button"!

  • Left Button and Middle Button work completely fine.
  • Right Button that causes a ~.1-.25 second delay
  • It happens for every app I use i.e. photoshop, zbrush
  • I tested on the 2 different pen keys (hardware is fine)
  • Used Huoin app to disable Windows Ink but no difference

  • also updated the driver. No difference unfortunately.

  • Hi Jiggywatt, We would like to clarify with you if you respectively set up the pen buttons(the upper one and the lower one)as Mouse Right Button, both will causes a ~.1-.25 second delay? But if the pen buttons are set up as Left Button and Middle Button and they work completely fine.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Yes, the pen's actual buttons seem fine with all other commands (even without any modifier keys).

    Here is an example of Middle Button panning and then Right Button zooming: https://streamable.com/mzgjra

    I suspect it's related to my system. I had an old Wacom tablet previously that had a similar behavior which I attributed to it being old-- but my H1060p is brand new and updated.

    I have Windows 10 OS.

  • Hi Jiggywatt, Our technicians inform that it is related to the operating system and hardware of your computer, they have tested that the pen won't delay when the pen button is set up as Mouse Right Button, please find the attached video for your reference. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

    (8.31 MB)
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