Huion H610 Pro v2 Connection- Repeated Issues

I had a Huion H610 Pro for about 4 years, and it generally worked fine, but it was beginning to constantly glitch and not be recognized by the driver while I was using it, even if I switched to a new cable (which in the past had been the issue). I thought it might be time for a new tablet, so I got a pro v2- only to have the same issue.

After installing the Driver and plugging in the tablet, I could see it repeatedly flickering between connecting and not being recognized. I tried a lot of different things for troubleshooting- I tried different cables, I tried reinstalling the driver, I did a bunch of resetting and uninstalling/reinstalling my usb ports, I updated my computer... nothing seemed to work.

I contacted huion and they deduced it was a faulty cable, but I've now received a replacement (both a replacement cable AND a replacement tablet to boot since there were some issues with getting me the cable...), and now... the same issue. 

Logically it seems like it should be my computer causing the problem. But, aside from the tablet, I haven't been having any issues with connecting things to my computer. My external drive connects fine, usb drives are fine, my phone connects and charges fine... 

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues where their computer seems to reject their Huion tablet but nothing else? I have a Dell G7 15, with Windows 10, which is around 4 years old. I am planning to get my computer checked out but I wanted to know if anyone else has had similar issues with Dell and Huion, and if it might be a compatibility issue or something.

  • Hi  Meganknpp, May you kindly try to change a different computer to connect the tablet if you have access to a different unit as we have replaced a new cable and a new tablet.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I was just trying to ask if other users have had issues as well... :( I'm currently getting my computer looked at, and I've done plenty of troubleshooting on my own. I just wanted to know if other people have had issues with their dells and tablets, since it's clearly my computer that is having issues. I've been trying very hard to figure out how to fix this issue without a lot of help so I just wanted more input from others because I'm struggling.

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