kd100 instructions

How do I set up the kd100 as I went into settings and tried to find the key for cmd +z ie undo but it said already programmed but there is nothing to indicate which key or key combo.I can adjust the dial and inner dial but dont see how to get at a key that apparently is the default for cmd z ie UNDO The tiny leaflet and lack of instruction is not good for an expensive product that arrived ie the HUION 24 4k with no manual and on line lacks a lot of detail. For example I have a newish MacBook and build is 2019 purchased from Apple 2020 and it needs both HDMI and USB C to work properly and show display in the properties on the MacBook but it does not say that anywhere

  • Hi Nigel Blanchard, Please kindly try to find your settings in the driver, you can move the cursor on the keyboard and it will indicate what the shortcut is of each key as you set up in the beginning.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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