Huion hs611 mouse glitch

Hello. I've been using my hs611 for about a year now and anytime i unplug it from my system, this mouse glitch starts and it doesn't let me move my cursor to do some thing as basic as shutting down. I tried reinstalling my windows but the problem still persisted after some time. Scanned my system for viruses, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers countless times!. Please help!!!

  • Hi Abdullahi, If the cursor can move properly when HS611 connect to your computer? it doesn't let your move the cursor only happens when you have already unplugged HS611 from the computer? Please try to uninstall the driver to check if the cursor move properly when HS611 connects to your computer and HS611 is unplugged from the computer.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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