Add sRGB preset to your pen displays

 Dear Huion,

you are making good pen displays but you are ignoring the sRGB standard with each new product you release. This is a serious limitation of your displays.

The only agreed standard for digital online art is sRGB and not 120% sRGB or 140% sRGB or anything else.

If I want to create professional digital art I need to take care that the color gamut of my display is as close to sRGB as possible. It does not help me if a display has 140% sRGB.

For example: if I choose a super saturated red of your 140% sRGB gamut it might look nice on my display but most displays people are using in the world are not able to show this saturated red. Most people have only sRGB displays. So, those people see a very different image online than I do on your display.

Please add a color calibration preset to your displays that limits the gamut to sRGB.

I know there are ways to compensate for your non standard 140% (e.g. creating custom ICC profiles that try to compress the displays' native gamut into the smaller sRGB gamut etc. But all these are workarounds which create mostly bad results and anyway don't work in software that does not include color management).


Please give us an sRGB color gamut und gray calibration preset to finally get a professional pen display from you.

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