HS610 touch ring not working

Hey hey, 

Having a problem with my HS610.

Problem summary

The touch ring is not working correctly inside drawing applications. 


I have the default touch ring settings in the HuionTablet software, both for All Programs and the relevant drawing apps:

0 Zoom in/out

1 Adjust Brush Size

2 Scroll Up/Down

There are several problems with the touch ring:

1.   The overlay with the name of the current mode (Zoom in/out, etc.) that appears when I press the middle button does not appear when an app is in full screen mode.

2.   In Medibang: I can make the brush size bigger, but not smaller.

3.   In Medibang: I cannot zoom at all.

4.   In all apps: I can scroll, but I wish the scrolling was faster than what sensitivity 5 allows.

I know there are workarounds, like assigning keyboard shortcuts to the touch ring directions, but it would be nice to have this working properly.

Is it like this for everybody or is my software/hardware config to blame? Or is the tablet itself the culprit?

Thanks for any pointers,



Huion Tablet software V15.5.6.392

macOS Big Sure 11.6

Tested in Krita and Medibang 

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