cant seem to set working area across multiple monitors

I've just plugged my Kamvas pro 22 into a new computer and so installed the latest drivers. Previously when I switched screen on my multi monitor setup, it would switch from one monitor to another, then to a mode where it mapped the working area across all monitors at the same time. The new drivers I cant see how to do this, it only sets the working to 1 monitor at a time.

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  • Small corrections on previous comment, it's at 5 minutes in the video f^^;
    And It's actually the left mouse click that is incorrectly terminated, not the right one ..

    On the suggestion by Orliza "What I would like to recommend is to drag the window you want to move halfway through the 2 monitors, click on switch screen, then continue dragging it all the way to the screen where you want it to be. It may need some getting used to but switching screens and moving windows is still possible. " The current status quo.
    Put in human terms, this sounds like "If you want to carry a box into a different room, through our doorway. Carry it to the doorway, put it down, walk thru the doorway, and pick it up again. It might take some getting used to ..." ... and you are reading this working for a parcel-service. The solution in this case is not "getting used to", it's replacing the doorway decreasing your productivity.

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  • I searched the whole net looking for someone with same issues as me, I totally agree with Iyu, one of the major essence of a graphics tab for someone who loves to drag and drop from another monitor is missing and i feel like i trashed my money getting huion!

  • Hi Iyu and realest ideas, thank you for posting your suggestions and ideas. We have forwarded it to our Product Department. They and our software engineers are working on it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I am here with the same issue. For my mobile setup the huion kamvas pro 13 seem a good option. But the lack of this feature made me to roll back to my old tablet from the competitor as it was affecting my productivity.

    When using the tablet for professional use this feature is a must have. In addition making the "Switch Screen" a toggle between "Mapping Multiple Screens", "Screen 1" , "Screen 2" is required.

    What version of the tablet can we use that have this feature? I am working on MACos Monterey

  • Just noticed an additional problem:

    The drivers only register the pressure of one device, using a tablet compatible with the pen for the 2nd monitor is a (bad) workaround. But even this means you need to turn off or disconnect the USB of the pen-display if you want pressure sensitivity on the tablet.
    (The missing feature of not being able to adjust the end of the pressure curve is also annoying as 100% pressure is only accessible at a fixed value not comfortable to all users, but this is not multi monitor related and off topic.)

    So the current to do list for the driver department (to be a decent competitor) of this thread is as follows:

    1. Switch to different display and switch to desktop as options.

    2. Held down mouse button preserved when jumping to the other display. (making moving windows possible see: move to 5 minutes in the video)

    3. Separate stored mapping settings for all monitors. (not critical but noticeably lacking)

    4. Pressure on multiple devices should be registered, not only one.

    5. Connecting an additional inspiroy dial I noticed that the mapping gets confusing .. it actually maps to desktop instead of switching to the pen-display BUT if switching is set to a tablet key this is not registered, it only works with a pen button, switching with the pen over the display it maps to the other monitor. (this means the desktop option is still in the drivers, it just has to be re-activated for pen-displays!)

    (6. non multiple monitor ) The pressure-curve settings should be able to adjust what pressure is registered as 100%.

  • Seeing a new driver released on 2022-10-14 I was happy to test if something changed, nothing changed.

    Not one of the issues has been addressed.

    Therefor I conclude that
    "We have forwarded it to our Product Department."
    "We already got your money, we don't care if you are happy with the product."

    I will therefor recommend anyone using more than one monitor or device to stay away from huion products.

  • I cannot tell you how frustrated I am. I have been using 2 monitors for ever for my design works. Setting up my new Kamvas Pro was easy, and I was overjoyed that now I can work with 3 monitors apart from the tablet function of course. And then... NO. FRICKIN'. MULTIPLE-DISPLAY WORK AREA. Drag-and-drop from one display (monitor) to another has been a huge part of my workflow (think of the Bridge-PS-Illustrator line). Now I simply cannot do that. Unbelievable. What is even more unbelievable that it seems to me that this feature was in the older drivers! Why on earth would have anyone thought it was a good idea to take iit out? Really? Why oh why? Oh, one more thing: I do have a Huion non-monitor tablet, and it worked fluently with my 2 monitors! As it was pointed out, my money is completely wasted on this tablet.

  • Hello, Jessica Wen. 

    Is there any update on this feature? I just bought a Kamvas Pro 16 2.5k and I really love the hardware but I'm really dissapointed that this common feature among other brands is not available in he current Huion drivers. Please bring it back or give us any update on this matter.

  • I'm also trying to find the v14 drivers to downgrade and I cannot find them in Huion site. Would you be so kind to provide a link to the v14 drivers, plesae? @Jessica Wen .

  • Hi Mario Tapia, thank you for contacting us. Apologize that our engineers are still working on setting all display function on our pen display. I have sent V14 driver to you via WeTransfer. Please kindly check.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello, Jessica. Thank you for sending me the V14 drivers. I uninstalled the V15 and installed the V14, but nothing happens after this screen: 

    There's just this Icon, but it just does nothing when I click open. Even with 'run as administrator'. 


    I already uninstalled and reinstalled it three times and it just won't open. ):

  • Hi Mario Tapia, Have to clicked the button below to complete the installation.

    By the way, please kindly check if the real icon hides on the lower right of the computer.

    We would suggest you use V15 driver as we've improved some function in the driver. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I did click the 'Completing the Setup Wizard' the three times I installed it. The small grey icon in the lower right of the computer did never show up. I would really like to downgrade to v14 to use that feature as it's core to my workflow. The v15 UI it's beautiful and will be amazing when the feature is back, which I hope it's pretty soon. But right now I need that feature in v14.

  • Hi Mario Tapia, thank you for your reply. Actually we can open that driver. Have you uninstalled other drivers? You can also try the attached V14 driver. Hope it will help you.

  • Hey, Jessica, first of all thank you for your quick responses and help, I appreciate you taking the time for trying to help me. 

    But still nothing, when installing this new file, no grey icon in the lower right taskbar and nothing happens when trying to open the program. I even ran the windows' "program compability troubleshooter" and nothing. Still not working.

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