Are gaming laptops ideal for graphic design? Do they work with Huion well?

So I'm a relatively new Artist and I think I'm going with Huion as my choice. However, I keep reading in different forums about gaming laptops for graphic design. Are they good for not only graphic design, but good with a Huion? I'm guessing the minimum specs of a Huion don't require a gaming laptop... but some other advanced programs like maya or blender do?


  • Hi P Mich, our tablets work on a wide variety of laptop models as long as it runs on Windows 7 or later or MacOS 10.12 or later. In terms of the laptop specs, it would depend on what software you are using. If you use Maya, Blender or any software that needs high graphic, processor and memory requirements, gaming laptops will be ideal.

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  • Thanks Orliza!

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