1060 plus pen not working, battery died


1060 plus pen not working. pen charges for ages and still red. the tablet is working. heres what I've tried:

-uninstall and update driver

-change pen nib

- try without driver

however, if the pen is always plugged in to the charger, sometimes its working.

any solution? 

how to replace battery?

what pen to replace with the 1060 plus (8192)?


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  • My pen works consistantly when plugged in…

    Any idea if there is a replacement pen or battery?

  • Hi Axis39, since your pen only works when plugged in, I'm sorry to inform you that the pen's internal battery can no longer hold a charge. Thus, it is broken. May I have the first 7 digits of your serial number so I can help you with the pen model and link to purchase a replacement pen? You can find your serial number on the back of your tablet, which starts with S/N (usually below the barcode).

    I look forward to your reply. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue with my pen (1060PLUS(8192)). It works only if being connected to power supply. S/N 7BT38SH08462

    Thank you in advance


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