digital pens press keys glitching in sai

Hi! I have the Huion Kamvas Pro 13 and use Paint Tool Sai 1.1.0 for digital art. I have the press keys on the pen set to M and Mouse Right Button (for moving the canvas and eyedropper tool respectively), and when I use the eyedropper tool often the cursor will jump up the screen very quickly and then back down to where the actual pen nib is, sometimes jumping all the way up to my other monitor screen. I've tried updating the driver, using an older version, disabling my mouse, reinstalling sai, opening and closing it, unplugging the tablet, restarting my computer, and turning it off and on again, and none of these have worked - it continues to jump whenever i try to pick a colour. I've also tried redoing the keybinds to different keys, but the issue prevails. I've attached a video to show what happens, on a canvas with a range of colours so you can clearly see the jumps happening when I try to pick colours. It jumps up and to the left quite far!

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