Cursor stuck in top left corner when using pen

My tablet has developed a problem recently whenever I'm using it, as soon as I touch pen to pad, the cursor moves/locks in the top left corner of my screen.  I have seen some very old threads that talk about disabling Windows Ink and/or raw input (I can't find any setting for raw input in the tablet settings)?

Is this a known problem?

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  • Hi Andy Thompson, this may be caused by the driver. Check if it still goes to the top left corner if you use your tablet without the driver by following these steps in order: uninstall the driver, unplug your tablet, then plug it back in. If it works fine without the driver, then you just need to reinstall the driver properly. Please follow these steps in its order: uninstall the driver, unplug your tablet, restart your computer, reinstall the latest driver, and plug your tablet back in. 

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    HUION Customer Support

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  • FIXED! turns out my calibration went wacky for no reason... as most of the issues I have with this tablet seem to be. DO ALL THESE STEPS!

    - Make sure your monitor calibration is correct FIRST! MAKE SURE you are being VIGILANT!(I didn't change any of my monitor settings and STILL had to do this! ) Check your video card display settings and make sure everything is set up correctly in arrangement, 

    - Check your windows display settings and make sure everything is set up correctly. 

    -Open the Huion program and bring it to your tablet screen

    - use your MOUSE  to click Pen Display -> Working Area -> Monitor Calibration in the bottom right (If Monitor Calibration doesnt come up on your Huion Tablet Screen, then something is wrong with your system's monitor settings and you will need to keep playing with your arrangement on the graphics card and in the windows system settings)

    -  CLICK WITH MOUSE Default Calibration 

    - CLICK Monitor Calibration AGAIN and Cancel Calibration

    If the Gods found you in their favour, this should solve your issue.

    I never was as superstitious as I am with Huion products. I feel like the wrong gesture too fast will blow down the house of cards that keeps everything functioning properly.  Like I am always a kitten's breath from having the thing just explode in my hands for no reason.

  • ** I should mention, to be fair, I love the thing to death and every time I solve one of its temperamental issues, I feel like it brings us closer together? Its like a quirky bond. 

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