Huion Kamvas 13 stuck on MagicLink screen

I just bought a Huion Kamvas 13, and used the 1-3 to plug into my MacBook Air. My MacBook does not have either a usb C or an HDMI plug-in, so I bought a HDMI-Usb adapter, and used that on my computer. the thing is, with a stable power source, and both of the usb's plugged into each side of my computer, it shows this screen, and doesn't even show an airplay signal on my Mac! please help!

(1.83 MB)
  • Hi Dragofire202, thank you for your tablet display picture. Since you mentioned that your MacBook Air does not have neither the USB-C nor the HDMI ports, are you using an HDMI to USB-A adapter similar to the one below?

    If you have this type of adapter, I'm sorry to let you know that this is the reason why your screen is not displaying correctly. It is possible that you have the Thunderbolt 2 or Mini Display port. Kindly try looking for this kind of adapter instead:

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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