Kamvas 20 Pro crackling sound from adapter, system freeze

Hello, I have an open ticket #171423 but I feel there is a bit of wall and I'm posting here as well.

I'm being asked repeatedly to capture a video of the issue but it's a very sudden event that happen on occasion, also I'm unsure it is even safe to use and would like at the very least an answer to that.
I'm copy/pasting some of my messages, I did send a video of my cables.

I have been hearing a crackling sound coming from the power adapter occasionally, during such event the whole pc attached to the tablet would freeze briefly, and all software would become unstable. this happened a few times since a week or so, I tried to change the powerstrip(which was APC) thinking it was faulty but it happened again after that, also used a different socket. the tablet also did turn on and off a few times in such events. I believe tha power adapter or the cord or both are defective. the serial number is AADE1SH01314, however I am unable to provide a video since the event is not continuous and rather sudden instead, it happened after 1 to 3 hours of use and don't have the means to record for so long waiting to catch the sound and freeze, and frankly it looks it might be dangerous for both the tablet(which worked well otherwise) and the pc.

I'm posting a video of my cables, I've had the tablet both connected to the displayport-hdmi adapter as of now, as well as the standard hdmi port. The usb port has already been tested with a different non display tablet for long hours and works very well.

I cannot capture the issue because it happens at random, it happened between 1 to 3 hours of use, and it's sudden, a single crackling sound from the direction of the power adapter which might last less than a second, and a freeze on the machine that lasts a few seconds. In one occasion the tablet disconnected briefly twice in a row.

the tablet has been used for 40 days extensively and it worked very well, issues started on the 10/07 happened pretty much once a day,  I've not been using it ater about 4-5 days.

I ve been using the pc  with another non display tablet using the same software to make  sure, for days now, I've had no freezing issues. I also play often 1 or 2 hours after dinner and again no issues.

 I'm sure you see why I'm very hesitant to power it on when the power adapter makes crackling sounds on occasions, couldn't it damage the tablet, or even the whole pc? it just doesn't seems safe to me. As a note I always kept the power adapter on the other side of my desk, so it was very apparent from the direction that it was indeed it.

I've been continuosly checking everything I have in the case it was something else, but there are no issues at all without the tablet attacked., no sounds or freezes. If you have any suggestion at what I might check i'm open to hear.

if the power adapter makes crackling sounds is it even safe to use for further testing? that at least I would like to know.
If there's any test or diagnostic I can try and it is safe to do I will be glad to comply.

  • Hi Aldo, we are sorry to know about your issue with your Kamvas Pro 20. We understand your apprehension in using your tablet again due to the crackling sound. Thus, I have coordinated with my colleague handling your ticket and we will be sending a replacement power adapter to you and let's check if it will resolve your issue. If it doesn't, please continue to update us through your ticket since it is possible that the cause is with your tablet itself.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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