Keydial KD100 RaDial display issue and no default program keys

I recently purchased the keydial and I find it to be better in everyway compared to a other similar products. There are two things that I think would improve it. One would be choosing which screen the RaDial menus appear on. I use the KAMVAS 20 as a second screen and the RaDial appears on my main screen instead of the screen I am currently using. 

The other thing that could improve it would be the ability to have a completely different set of keys depending on what program I am using, i.e blender specific keys when in blender and krita specific keys when in krita. 

  • Whoops. I noticed right after posting that the Keydial does allow users to have program specific keys. The RaDial issue still stands tho.

  • Hi Trey Westbrook, thank you for raising this up. We are currently working on fixing the KD100 menu to appear on the specific display you prefer. Kindly check our official website regularly for updates.

    As with the program-specific shortcut, yes, you are right. This is already possible by following the steps in this article: How to Customize Press Keys and Digital Pen Button Functions for Specific Software.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  •  Hi there,

    I know this is an older post but was this issue with the display the menu appearing on fixed? I'm having the same issue

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