multiple devices on same PC

 Hi there

I used to have wacom intuos + cintiq both plugged to my PC and switch between them as I work. 

Now I have a Kamvas Pro 22 and just inherited a WH1409.  Will they work together at the same time?

or is any pen tablet be plugged in at the same time with Kamvas Pro 22?


  • Hi Shumin Liang, may I know which WH1409 version do you have? If you have the WH1409 (2048 pen pressure), I'm sorry but you can't use both since WH1409 2048 only uses version 12 drivers while Kamvas Pro 22 can use the latest Version 15 drivers. If you have the WH1409 (8192), this is still not compatible with the Version 15 drivers so it can't be possible as of the moment. However, if you have the WH1409 V2 version, the one with the battery-free pen, then you can use that together with your Kamvas Pro 22 using the latest Driver_15.3.19.174 version.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  •  Hi  Orliza

    Unfortunately mine is WH1409(8192).

    However, I just realized that my Kamvas Pro 22 still function as pen tablet even when the screen is off!

    So now I just have to remap the work area and turn off screen and use it as a pen tablet :)

    (its less distracting and cooler than have the screen on the whole time) 

    Not as perfect as have both working at the same time but this will do for now.



  • Hi SMLiang, I see. I'm sorry but your current workaround will have to do as of the moment. Our software engineers are still working on the Version 15 for your WH1409 (8192) graphic tablet so kindly check our official website regularly for the updated driver soon. Here's the link: HUION WH1409 (8192) Graphics Tablet Drivers. Thank you for understanding.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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