Huion 420 nao funciona direito em progamas como Pthoshop, Krita, Sai, Clip Studio

Olá, queria reportar um erro na minha mesa Huion 420, ela funciona perfeitamente no progama FireAlpaca, mas não funciona em programas como Photoshop, Krita, Sai, ClipStudio.

A pressão da caneta não funciona nesses progamas, e o traço sai como se fosse o traço do mouse.

Se poder ajudar, agradeço 


  • Hi LastorFAT, since it works on FireAlpaca, it means that all you need to do is to adjust the settings in Photoshop, Krita, SAI and Clip Studio. 

    Here are the steps you can try in SAI:

    1. Open SAI and set your Mode to "Normal" and disable "Preserve Opacity".
    2. On your Pen or Brush's settings, you can change the "Size" and make sure that your Min Size is less than 100%.
    3. On the menu bar at the top, click "Other (O) > Options (O) 
    4. Under "Digitizer Support" tab, change your Minimum Pressure to zero and choose "Pen" under Coordinate Mode then click "OK".
    5. Follow Step #s 1 & 2 above again and change the Minimum Pressure to higher number, depending on your preference. 
    6. You can adjust the Pen or Brush's setting's Size again accordingly.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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