I think ants are in my Kamvas GT-191, is it safe to open?

in one night, my huion drawing tablet has gone from suddenly going white, to the image on screen freezing and fading into black, to going all glitchy as in the lines showing up and flashing. 

this drawing monitor cost a pretty penny and i cant afford to have it broken and in need of change.

i havent seen any ants actually enter the monitor, or seen ants walking inside the screen, but i have a sinking suspicion they might be the cause. they might've entered through the vents (in attached photo). 

because of the pandemic there aren't really any specialist we can go to at the moment, so I might have to ask a neighbor who knows how to handle computers (he handles an internet shop) to open it. is it safe? anything i should watch out for?

if anyone have some tips to draw the ants out without opening it, im open too 

  • Hi Calai Almada, I'm sorry about the issues you are having with your GT-191 tablet display. We do not recommend that you or someone who is not certified to repair Huion products open your T-191 tablet. Otherwise, this will void your 1-year warranty with us. If in case you purchased your tablet from your local authorized distributor, you can contact them to have it looked into. If you purchased it directly from us, let us assess your tablet's condition by sending a video to service@huion.com. Kindly include your serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N) and your order number. You can send the video through WeTransfer or upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and just share the link. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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