Is Toonboom Harmony compactive with table Huion ?

Gostaria de saber se a harmonia toon boom é compacta com a tabela Huion Kamvas 22, porque estou tendo problemas com eles. Mas é só com esse software. Você sabe o que devo fazer com isso?

  • Olá Dayane Rezende, sim, nossos produtos são compatíveis com Toonboom Harmony. Posso saber qual é o problema específico que você tem com o referido software? Forneça a versão do driver do tablet e a versão do Toonboom Harmony. Agradeceríamos se você pudesse fornecer um vídeo de seu problema para que possamos ter uma ideia melhor sobre ele.


    Suporte ao cliente HUION


    Hi Dayane Rezende, yes, our products are compatible with Toonboom Harmony. May I know what specific issue you have with the said software? Kindly provide the version of the tablet driver and the Toonboom Harmony version. We would appreciate it if you can provide a video of your issue so we can have a better idea about it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I have the Kamvas 22 version and my software is the premium version 17 of toonboom.

    My problem is when I open the toonboom I need to first put the option (game mode) on my drive in Kamvas 22, because if I don't do that the pen won't work. So, after the verification option (game mode), in the tooboom software there are these problems

    - In the timeline, the layer names are blurred.

    - When I click on attachment points I can't click on it precisely

    - Sometimes pen clicks don't work very well

    - and sometimes loses pressure on the program.


  • in the video you send, you can see that to work in the toonboom I need to activate the game mode, because without this option activated, the mouse cursor will not appear on the screen and I cannot select anything, just scribble with pressure, with the mode activated with you (now because before it was not working very well), click, select the points, but you get that "click phantoms" and no pressure on the brush.

    What can I do to solve this problem?

    thanks for listening





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