Kamvas 22 Plus icc calibration profiles for windows 10

 I rented an x-rite iDisplay pro over the weekend to calibrate my Kamvas 22 Plus and wanted to share with you guys.
When i first connected the monitor i opend up a few older paintings and immediatly was greeted with highly oversaturated colors , nice blues turned into poisonous cyans, reds were so saturated like a real ruby , ive never seen such a pure red before, greens were much "blue-er" than expected.
So that bummed me out quite a bit. After a lot of research and trial and error, i had to find out that wiindows doesnt support wide gamut monitors (10 years after the first wide gamut monitors released !!).
But at least colormanaged  software with full xyzLUT correction can display correct colors, that is
affinity suite

on my pc

but not
Clipstudio Paint
windows ui
(several others)

so full calibration cannot be achieved on windows! but at least in your pro software!

i uploaded several profiles there , the first 2 are made with "DisplayCal" , the other 3 are made with iDisplay Profiler, the original software which comes with the iDisplay colorimeter.
They all have 99% the same color output, almost indistinguishable to my eyes, so use the one you like best.
I also calibrated my other 2 monitors (with different technologies from different years), and they all have parity in colors now, so its definitly working , i also compared it with 2 books i illustrated and its close enough to the print. You can work  with these profiles without worrying about the colors.

For Clipstudio Paint its a bit more problematic as they apparently dont have full color correction. Luckily one of my other Monitors profile acts as a sort of "Correction Profile" for clipstudio. Its not perfect but good enough to work without worrying about colors. Thats the 22EN43_29-01-2021.icm, i checked it thoroughly and this profile gets me 99% parity with photoshop. You have to select it under View -> Color Profile

i calibrated the monitor with the osd settings:
Backlight: 24 (i dont want to burn my eyes out , i lowered it to keep my eyes healthy)
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 50
Temperature: User 128/128/128
Color Effect: Standard
Hue: 50
Saturation: 50
.. so standard settings minus the backlighting.

I cant guarantee that every monitor is the same though. But since ive read about the heavy cyans and blues from other users , i guess it should be good for you too.

Microsoft is apperently working on implementing full color correction though , so maybe in a future update all progs will have nice colors on wide gamut monitors.

DONT USE THE 6-AXIS menu in the monitors osd -Color -color Effect - User - RYGCBM. That will give you heavy banding issues !
Also this Monitor only covers 92% of the srgb space and falls a bit short in the blue and purple colors (like most srgb monitors). Just something to keep in mind .

So happy painting to everyone!


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  • Please write a feature request to let them know any professional digital artist needs an sRGB preset. We should not be forcd to do all those hacks and workarounds. Huion should give us sRGB as a build in option in the first place.

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  • Yeah, they really should have proper ICC profiles for these pen displays. Mine is the 24plus with quantum dot tech. 140% SRGB 1200:1 contrast ratio.

    On mine all the reds are blown out to the point of practically glowing. I thought I'd try Alex Mehler's 22 Quantum Dot despite having the 24 and it looks MUCH better. Just wish I could callibrate it myself or HUION would give us a general purpose ICC profile. My recent Sony gaming monitor has ICC profiles and did my old ASUS. You would think that a dedicated art tool like the Kamvas range would too.

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  • Hi Adrian, thank you for your feedback. I have referred your concern to our Technical Department. I'll get back to you when I receive their feedback next week. Have a great weekend.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  •  @Adrian

    hi theres a new program for windows which achieves systemwide (every program and windows ui!) calibration, just like an eizo pro monitor with external calibration

    its called novideo_srb, you can find it here:


  • That would be great Orliza, thanks!

  • Hi all,

    I am using the 24 4K - and guess what, it has presets for sRGB and Adobe RGB. I tried the sRGB preset, but is simply bad. The color representation is far off from the sRGB standard. And you can't calibrate it properly because, when the preset is used, you can't adjust the whitepoint or the rgb components. There is also a bug in the device that resets its brightness to default whenever it awaiks from sleep or gets switched off / on. Calibrating to a specific brightness is therefore useless.

    All this is my main dissapointment with this device. For proper graphics / color use it is not usable - which is a big downside for such an expensive pro device.

    I wrote a lot of emails to Huion and the distributor but they first did not understand what I was talking about and then gave up on the topic. I think In the end they realized that the missing color accuracy of the device is an internal flaw of the 24 4k which can't be solved (or it would take to much effort to do so).

    The distributor was so kind to offer me a refund after they understood the issue. I nearly took the offer but found out about novideosrgb at that time.

    Novideosrgb did the trick for me. Setting the 24 4K to "user" instead of sRGB allows for adjusting the rgb components and does not reset the brightness.

    Setting novideosrgb to read the edid data of the 24 4K resulted in a usable sRGB representation of RGB (while the 24 4K preset is way to cool / bluish, the novideosrgb does a good job of desaturating the rgb values directly on the GPU). On top of that I used displaycal to do the usual calibration and profilatation.

    In the end I now have the 24 4K in a usable sRGB state - Its color representation is similar to that of my hardware calibrated reference monitor.

    One more remark. For calibrating with displaycal you are asked to choose a backlight type. I wrote emails to Huion and the distributor about that as well - but they could not answer this. They wrote that it is an IPS panel but not which type of backlight is used. I think, again, they did not understand my question and gave up on this as well.

    All in all, the device is fine for drawing - pen etc. works well, but color wise the device is dissapointing.

    I whish Huion would take more effort into reaching pro quality regarding this. A device with good presets, no brightness issue, the possibility to adjust the presets, and best with hardware calibration and its own software for this would make it stand out.

  • @Alex Mehler

    I tried the novideo_srb. It comes up with Primaries match target - cannot clamp. When I looked online it said to use a ICC profile when you get this message.

    If I use and load a ICC profile the ICC profile will clamp. But I don't have a proper profile for my Huion 24 plus.


  • I think that tells you, that the 24 Plus has written the sRGB primary values into its EDID data. That means the Plus says "my primary r, g, and b colors already match those defined in the sRGB standard".

    NovideoSRGB therefore decides that, if the display's colors are already set to sRGB, there is nothing to do.

    Keep in mind: NovideoSRGB's purpose is to reduce the intense saturation of wide gammut r,g,b to the lesser saturated standard sRGB. If the display is already set to standard sRGB it does not make sense to desaturate the colors on the graphics card.

    But in case the 24 Plus just pretends to be in sRGB mode, but in reality it is using wide gammut colors you are in trouble (this happens if a device tells wrong data).

    Check if you find a setting in the on screen settings of the 24 Plus, where you can set the color mode to "user", "custom", "native" or something like that. Maybe the device is then telling its real primary values.

    But you would need to calibrate anyway in the end. NovideoSRGB is only "desaturating" the primary colors inside the graphics card - it is not doing the grayscale calibration or whitepoint adjustment. That's the job of the calibration software.

    Regarding the "Use ICC profile" option of novideoSRGB:

    Instead of reading the rgb primaries out of the EDID data, it is reading the values from the ICC profile. You can use the one offered by Huion (it is already shown in your screenshot). It might work or not (various details are involved that might let the ICC profile solution fail).

    This whole topic is a bit a of trial and error and requires some reading of background information in the internet.

  •  Edit: typo in the above post. It should be "gamut" not "gammut".

  • On the Kamvas 24 plus OSD, sRGB and Adobe RGB are greyed out and can't be selected. You can only select USER or Native. Native was the default setting I used before. USER has the same result.

    I will have to read up some more. Things are starting to get a bit more complicated :)

  • I could'nt remember when I first answered, but this was the reason, I sent back the 24 plus and ordered the 24 4K instead. It is really frustrating, that Huion is does not pay more attention to the color repesentation of their devices.

    That there is no reply from anyone form the Huion support is also an indication, that this topic seems to be not relevant for them :-(

  • Hi Alex, thank you for sharing the novideosrgb link. I will forward this to our Technical Department for further review.

    Hi Adrian, I'm sorry for getting back to you late. I have recently received the ICC profile for the Kamvas 24 Plus. Kindly download it from this link: Kamvas 24 Plus ICC Profile. Please let me know if this doesn't resolve your color calibration issue so I can create a ticket for you. 

    Hi wolfgang animagination, I understand your frustrations. I reviewed your tickets, and I apologize for not being able to provide the resolution you need. We appreciate your feedback on our products, and I will forward them to our factory so necessary actions can be taken. We apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused. Rest assured, we value your feedback and will continue striving to improve our products and services further.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi Orliza,

    thanks for your reply.

    As of today I am fine with the 24K, novideoSRGB and my custom calibration. It took a lot of experimentation but worked in the end. Pen- and drawing wise the device was fine from the beginning.

    In case you are still monitoring this topic. I have still not found the answer to the backlight question - my guess it that it is Samsung Quantum Dot technology. I would be happy if you could answer this.

    More about it: Alot of people use "displayCAL"  (https://displaycal.net/) for monitor calibration. It is a vendor independent and free tool to create ICC profiles and other things.

    One detail regarding the calibration is the selection of the "correction profile" for a specific display model (this is related to the backlight question - the correction is not the final ICC profile, but a set of values that helps the software to create a more accurate ICC profile). This correction data is needed, when the calibration is done with a "colorimeter". Those colorimeters can meassure color but need some input about the "real spectral color" of the r, g, b, components of the panel. To get those spectral values, one need a "spectrophotometer" which most people don't have (expensive). For this reason there is a link on displaycal.net that points to a list of correction profiles made by users (https://colorimetercorrections.displaycal.net/). If you are lucky, you find your monitor model there and somebody has made a profile already. Although there is the issue, that those profiles may be not of best quality (e.g. made with not so accurate spectrophotometers or the meassured display deviates from one's own display), these corrections are better than nothing. I searched for Huion there but nobody at that time had uploaded something.

    One idea might be, that you, Huion, do that and post profiles for your devices. It would not be as cool as offering your own calibration software with included corrections, but would help those of us, how need color accuracy for your current devices.

    Side note: My communication with Huion and the distributor about the 24K was via another email address - you won't find it in my user account of this support site.

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  • Hi wolfgang animagination, thank you for your input, and I'm glad that you're fine with your current display settings and calibrations. I'm sorry for all the hassle you have to go through. 

    Moreover, I'm sorry that as of the moment, I don't have answers to your backlight question. I have forwarded this to our Technical Department and I will get back to you as soon as I have more information. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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