Drivers for Huion Kamvas 12-13-16 not downloading due to broken link

 Hi, I've recently purchased a Huion Kamvas 12 for my mother and it seems that the driver links for the Windows drivers are invalid.  It could be that either the file server is down, the file is in a different location on the file server, or the URL is not properly configured. 

Here is the URL that I've been brought to for downloading the drivers for windows:

Here is the pages that I've gone to to download the drivers:

On another note, the drivers for Mac OS systems are downloading from those same pages, YET all of the systems that I use are Windows OS systems. 

Is there a potential workaround that would get me the necessary drivers to run this product?  If not, for finding the potential problem, could I get a pro model Kamvas 20 for my services rendered and time lost.

  • Hi Kenneth Munk, we apologize for this. We are working to fix this issue right now. For the meantime, you can download the driver using this link: Huion Tablet Drivers

    NOTEFor graphic tablets and tablet displays with 2048 pen pressure, please use Version 12 driver while those with 8192 pen pressure can use Version 14. As of the moment, only HS610, HS611, Q620M and Kamvas 13 are compatible with Version 15 drivers.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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