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 Hello, I just got a H1161 today and I was disapointed to see that there is no way to change the mouse speed of the tablet when in mouse mode. I would like to have a much lower sensitivity, I think this can be an even bigger issue on small tablets if working on a big screen. I'm surprised there are not more people having that issue.

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  • Where is the new driver?  It's not listed on this page.

    It is listed in the Driver Update Log - but no link.

  • I also do not see any new driver for my Q11k V2

  • Not everyone has the update yet. What is going on huion?

  • Hi Gator Promo and Ibukunoluwa Kola-jebutu, as of this time, not all models have been tested yet which is why the new version is not yet updated on your respective tablet models. You can try the drivers for Kamvas 12 which you can download from this link: Huion Kamvas 12 Tablet Display Drivers. Please let me know if you encounter any issues using this driver.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  • Great. I have just installed the Kamvas 12 driver (for Windows) and it seem to work with my H1161. The software version I have is v15.4.0.321 (it is still not available for H1161, but this one for Kamvas 12 supports mine).

    I would appreciate if the sensitivity selection had more steps between 1 and 3, but how it works now is already a huge improvement for large 4k screen.


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  • For those who will install the new driver, remember to disconnect and reconnect your device if it is not detected.

    ...and of course Big Thanks to the HUION Driver Development Team!  :)

  • Hi Piotr Przybyła, thank you for trying out the new driver and we appreciate your feedback. I'll forward your feedback on sensitivity section to our Software Engineers for further review. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  • Tested and working with my HS611 tablet. Thank you so much for listening to your customers!

  • Hi,

    HS64 owner

    The mouse pointers movement is still very slow. Even with max mouse pointer speed in windows 10 and max sensitivity (8) in your driver. Wacom has fast movement options for mouse.  Yours do not, needs double or triple the amount of sensitivity. With my wacom I could reach any point on my 1080p 24 inch screen. With almost no wrist movement. This is a deal breaker for me. Can you give me a time etstimate when you can add faster sensitivity? Because otherwise I have to return the tablet to Amazon

  • I hope you understand the reason why fast movement is important in mouse mode. I am not talking about drawing for mouse mode. Pen mode is made for that. Using a tablet instead of computer mouse is more ergonomic and efficient when navigating interfaces.  I only need to move my wrist, fingers & pen to reach all places quickly on the screen, I do not need to change the place of my hand. With a mouse you have to drag your hand and mouse over a larger area. Slower and less ergonomic. 

  • These are the mouse mode settings  (wacom used as example) you need to have. Otherwise your product can not be used as a mouse replacement. 


  • I understand FunkeXMix that you need the acceleration feature that lets you quickly move your cursor on long distances by fast short stroke with your pen. I agree that such feature lets you use your pen as a mouse. In my case I use mouse mode (without acceleration) for drawing. It lets me use high precision on large screen. Your use case is quite opposite. You need quicker movements with short strokes.

    I think that adding the acceleration feature would allow the mouse mode to fulfill both our needs.

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  • Developers. Will you be able to add an acceleration function within 20 days? So the functionality of the driver can match Wacom?

  • I'm using the Kamvas 12 driver with my Inspiroy Q11k V2 and the mouse speed option is still not there

  • I found it never mind, great improvement

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