Huion Kamvas Pro 20 Black Screen and blinking lights

Hi, Bought my Kamvas Pro 20 from on Oct 24th 2020. For the past two weeks when I switch it on, it has a black screen and makes a usb disconnect/reconnect sound from my computer. I’ve already looked on the help page about the Black Screen but unfortunately I do not have another power adapter to test. And when it was just once a week, it’s now happening daily and I have client work to complete. Here’s the specifics about what happens: • when computer turns on, the power supply is blinking, the power light on the display is blinking a dull red colour. • usb disconnect/reconnect sound is heard from the computer. • Takes approximately 5-10 minutes of constantly unplugging and plugging, and waiting for the power adapter to drain power for the display. • Once the display is on I have no issues. • This has been happening on a daily basis. • Today it did not want to switch on, we tested plugging into mains as it’s currently plugged into a extension power supply - plugging into the mains has the same issues. I’ve put up a ticket but of course it’s causing a huge hassle and it’s only a month old so I need help ASAP. Thank you, Chloe.
  • Apologies, I bought this on Oct 22nd. Is this a power supply issue or more?
  • Sending the item back as I need a replacement asap.

  • Hi Chloe Ince, based on your description of the problem you have with your Kamvas Pro 20, if the power supply's light is blinking, it is most certain that this is what caused the problem. We can send a replacement power supply to you if you have not sent the item back. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi,

    Ive got the exact same problem with my Kamvas Pro 20, its power supply keeps blinking on and off. Really need to fix this problem, as im a student and need it before I begin my next term. Thanks

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