Pen Issues with Kamvas 20

I have that issue where your pen creates jagged lines when you try to draw a straight line.

This is the exact tablet I have and where I bought it from:

I bought this some time in 2019, used it on my old PC a lot with no issues. However, after moving and building a better PC, it developed this jagged drawing issue.

Solutions I've tried:

  • Charging the pen
  • Replacing the nib
  • Trying another pen (spare one)
  • Using tablet with and without the driver (not a driver issue)
  • Using different programs (Windows Ink, Photoshop, Krita, Driver program, TabletQC that was requested by Huion support)
  • Restarting PC with driver uninstalled and reinstalling it
  • Replugging all wires connected to tablet 
  • Tablet shouldn't have any damage whatsoever
  • Sending a video to Huion Support but was told nothing was wrong even though I sent a video

I feel like it could be damaged wires or a setting with my new PC.

Any solutions that might have worked for anyone??

  • Hi Staisha King, thank you for detailing all the steps you've tried so far. Do you have ticket number from the support you previously contacted so I can review your case? Looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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