Types of Drawing Tablets for Beginners to Advanced

Not all drawing tablets are the same, in this mini-tutorial i'll try to guide you through the basics of different types of drawing tablets.

This is vitally important if you want to understand the technology and what you're purchasing. Now, keep in mind i've used all 3 types, and they've also been Huion Tablets, so I know a thing or two about how to find the 3 . Lets get started. 

There are 3 main types of drawing tablet, these are, starting with the most basic: 

  1. Regular Drawing Pen Tablet with no Display
  2. Drawing Tablet with Display
  3. Standalone drawing tablet (can be used without connecting to a computer, in essence, it is a computer in its own right)

So lets take a look at a few that i've used in the past:

1. Digital Drawing Tablet


The regular drawing tablet is a normal non-display drawing tablet, and is connected to your computer / laptop via a cable, and then can be used with programs such as Adobe Photoshop



2. Drawing Tablet with Display


Display drawing tablets, are in my opinion the best tablet for graphic design for those looking to spend a little more than a non-display tablet such as the one above. This is one that will take your work to the next level, having a display is a huge advantage for character design and other complex graphical work.


3. Standalone drawing tablet

The standalone drawing tablet is the one that i use most days now for my graphic design work, and its something that has been a game-changer for my graphic design work. It's super versatile, multifunctional and is the best of both worlds, both a computer and a drawing tablet.



It depends how far you are into your graphic design career, but i personally started from a regular drawing tablet, then moved my way up to a display tablet, and now i'm using a standalone because i'm travelling alot and it makes a lot of sense for my work. 

I hope this mini tutorial helped you out! 

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