Huion HS64 doesn't work in Photoshop

I bought a new HS64 and it doesn't work fine in Photoshop. In Illustrator it woks fine.
  • Hi Panchana Madara, may you please provide the following:

    1. The version of the tablet driver you installed 
    2. The Photoshop and Illustrator versions you are using
    3. Your computer's operating system and version

    Kindly try using the tablet without the driver and check if it works fine in Photoshop (remember to unplug your tablet and plug it back in after you uninstall the driver before testing it again in Photoshop). 

    Also, may I know what exactly is the issue when using Photoshop? It would be helpful if we can have more details about it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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