Huion HS64 won't work with MacBook Air

I purchased the Huion HS64 and have been trying to connect it to my Macbook Air OS Catilina 10.15.7. I download the driver, drag it over to applications, and then click the application. Once it opens I connect the Huion with the USB to USB-C adapter attached and nothing happens. The application shows "Device Disconnected". I go to my System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Accessibility and try to add the Tabletdrive but can't see it anywhere. I see the HuionTablet icon and can click that one on but not the other. I am at a loss. I am past the return date as I got it a month and a day ago for my daughter's birthday and am receiving no response from Huion. Can someone give me a solution?

  • Hi Tracy Thompson, thank you for the information and screenshots you've provided. We have replied to your ticket and we will further assist you from there since we would need to test your tablet further and we'll also need specific information from you.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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