Kamvas 13 Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Hey there! Recently bought the Kamvas 13 from Amazon and immediately fell in love with it but recently its been having issues staying connected. I'm using the 3-1 cable and it will start a cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting. The screen will stay on but the led light will be constantly turning off then on with the windows noise signaling a device being disconnected. I've tried updating the driver (none available), reinstalling the driver, unplugging the tablet and plugging it back in but it always ends up doing this. Is this a driver issue? Cable issue? Bad tablet?

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  • I have same problem with camvas 13
    I use latest driver: "HuionTablet_WinDriver_v14.8.166.1482_HID.exe" with administrator privileges
    I could only solve the problem only when end process in task manager (1 hour w\o reconections)
    With "
    Driver_15.2.3.451_beta" tablet not working correctly and still have reconect problems.

  • Hi Sculpz, thank you for your serial number.

    Hi Mike Chernett, thank you for the comprehensive summary of all the steps you've done. I have forwarded it to our technical department.

    Hi Ego N, thank you for the update on the Version 15 driver. This will be forwarded as well.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • My s/n: A7DE7SH02290

    Hi, same issue with Kamvas 13

    I noticed that the problem also happens when the tablet is off.

    And I can cause the connect/disconnect loop starting Call of Duty Mobile on PC.

    It happens randomly while I use PC, but when I start playing COD Mobile it always happens.

  • More precisely, (one of) the loop "generator" is the software Bluestacks, not COD Mobile itself.

  • Hi Signor Riccardo, have you tried ending the HuionTablet driver from the Task Manager? If you haven't, kindly try to do so and see if your disconnection/reconnection issue while playing COD Mobile goes away. Please let me know for any updates so I can update our software engineers about it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi everyone, may you please try to use version and see if it will resolve your disconnection issue even without ending the driver from the task manager? I've attached the said driver here as well. 

    I look forward to your update.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support


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  • Same problem with a brand new Kamvas 13 here, straight out of the box. Tested on two pc's.

    Killing the driver in task manager seems tto help. Cant find any programs that seem to cause this issue (Killed everything possible in task manager).

    Powering the tablet over the pc with two usb ports or powering it from a 2.5 Amp usb plug makes no difference either. 

  •  Hi,

    Had the same problem as described. Using as suggested above seems to resolve the issue.

    I'm using a Lenovo T480s with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and a docking station with an extra monitor.

    Tested it over the last few days (3-4 hours at a time) and there doesn't seem to be any disconnects. Also, prior to the driver update, it looked like the beta version of the latest driver was installed (Driver_15.2.3.451_beta). The tablet also retains the work area settings after reboot. This was not the case with the beta drivers.

  • I have the same problem. Downgrading the driver to the one posted above does not fix the issue. Upgrading the driver to the beta version 15 also does not fix the issue. I have replaced the 3 in 1 cord and that did not fix the issue.
  •  Had the same issue as OP. Downgraded the drivers as suggested by Customer Support and this seems to have solved the issue.

  • Having same issue with brand new kamvas 13. A7DE8SH05910. Provided driver didn't helped.  People from months ago complaints same thing. So, there seems to be no solution to problem. Anyway I will return before returning window closes on amazon if no solution to fix.

  • please fix the problem i have kamvas pro 13 same issue here . its not about cable 3 in 1 , i think its about driver or computer and pen display not sync

  • Just got my Kamvas 13 as a Christmas present and have the exact same problem as everyone else.

    Would be sad having to return it, hope you can fix this problem.

    Here is my Serial Number: A7DE8SH00148

  • Hi! I also recently purchased Huion Kamvas 13 2020 through Lazada. I just recently noticed the issue that everyone is experiencing.

    Tried using all of the available drivers for the Huion Kamvas 13 that is downloadable from the website (even the one released in 12/15/2020). Disconnection/Reconnection is still persistent.

    I did try using the driver Orliza has just shared in this thread. So far, I think it is working fine. But I'll keep a close watch on this. But yeah, most likely than not, the issue is indeed in the drivers and Windows 10.


    Will post again here after a day or two (or as soon as the issue resurfaces. Hopefully it won't happen again).

  • Just an update, it is still disconnecting/reconnecting. But the driver that Orliza shared is way more stable compared to the ones available on website.

    I have yet to test if the issue occurs though while using the tablet with a software (like Clip Studio Paint). Right now, I am just experiencing the issue while using it as a second monitor. Within an hour, I say I experience that it disconnects/reconnects 1-2 times. Which is a huge improvement by the way.

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