Kamvas 13 Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Hey there! Recently bought the Kamvas 13 from Amazon and immediately fell in love with it but recently its been having issues staying connected. I'm using the 3-1 cable and it will start a cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting. The screen will stay on but the led light will be constantly turning off then on with the windows noise signaling a device being disconnected. I've tried updating the driver (none available), reinstalling the driver, unplugging the tablet and plugging it back in but it always ends up doing this. Is this a driver issue? Cable issue? Bad tablet?

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  • Orliza, I do understand that from your point of view you considered my request to be adequately handled. The issue here is your low standards for "satisfaction" and unwillingness to take proportionate action to achieve it.

    As other commenters and I have stated, requiring us to supply video of the issue is PATENTLY RIDICULOUS and puts undue burden on US for your failure.

    This is a known product issue. All of the symptoms which I have extensively tested and described for you are a 100% match with what others have shared. After already investing 10+ hours in recreating every possible combination of troubleshooting you have asked for - Different computers, different power sources, driver versions, and so on - I refuse to invest ANOTHER day in trying to capture, then edit, then supply you with video documenting it. I have already done far more than my "fair share" of diligence in proving the issue to you.

    Furthermore, I will not supply said video because the terms of resolution of the issue are unacceptable, and I have made that clearly known throughout my communications with Support. There are only two outcomes which I find acceptable and amenable:

    - Ship me a replacement unit free-of-charge. I will not pay you $40 shipping to roll the dice and see whether the 2nd unit is also defective. You sold a bad product, you should suffer the financial burden of that choice, not me.


    - Issue me a credit or gift card code for the full dollar amount of the Kamvas 13 (2020) from your online Huion Store so that I can apply the credit towards a different model, one which does not have a KNOWN an UNRESOLVED DEFECT.

    Your insistence that you can only replace like-with-like is why I refuse to accept your offer. I do not want to spend another $40 and wind up with two broken Kamvas 13 (2020) tablets - I do not want another Kamvas 13 (2020) - I have been very clear about that - And so, we are at an impasse.

    You will not compromise to find an amenable solution with me, therefore I will not compromise and invest *MORE* time and money in pursuing your non-solution.

    However the latter part of my last reply stands nonetheless. I may have CONSIDERED doing further business with you back in July even though I was frustrated by your unwillingness to cooperate and your rigidity in demanding absurd levels of documentation for this issue. But now I WILL NOT consider doing business with Huion because of the emails you have sent customers, which thankfully they have re-posted here for all of us to see. Your CONDUCT is more unacceptable than your customer service. 

    Reaching out to you was a huge waste of my time, and buying a Kamvas 13 (2020) was a huge waste of my money. 

  • To present this in another manner: As an IT professional I bill my time at USD$60/hour for on hardware diagnosis and repair. Therefore, from my perspective, you should already owe me $600 in credit for my services in testing and troubleshooting your defective product for you. I will certainly not volunteer even more of my time to provide you with a video of a Known Issue that is quite well documented. Therefore, I have written off your product in lieu of payment for my time. You are welcome.

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