Kamvas 13 Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Hey there! Recently bought the Kamvas 13 from Amazon and immediately fell in love with it but recently its been having issues staying connected. I'm using the 3-1 cable and it will start a cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting. The screen will stay on but the led light will be constantly turning off then on with the windows noise signaling a device being disconnected. I've tried updating the driver (none available), reinstalling the driver, unplugging the tablet and plugging it back in but it always ends up doing this. Is this a driver issue? Cable issue? Bad tablet?

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  • Lucky... mine only lasted me 5 months (Bought in October 2020) before it started acting up. It became nearly unusable after 2 more months. I decided to buy a wacom cintiq 16 instead and have had no issues with them so far
  • @Tory Newsome

    IF I was a digital artist (I do online educational content/ tutoring) and needed things like pressure sensitivity, more than 13-inches of screen real-estate, multi-button pen for improved artist workflow, screen surface friction ..... I could see the Wacom Cintiq 16 as an absolute gem of a choice.

    These are however my points in considering a 2018 iPad pro 13-inch to "sidecar" with my M1 macbook:

    • I have only USB-C ports; don't plan on going the "tangled mess of wires & adapters" route. 
    • With m1 chips, Apple has substantially improved the wireless (sidecar) connection between iPad and macbook. I can also "revert" to a simple USB-C to USB-C if needed.
    • Brand. Unfortunately my experience with Huion has really put a dent in my faith in digital tablets.... broken after 12 months of EXTREMELY LIGHT USE vs likely 6+ years of moderate-to-high use .... I can at least feel safe buying something with a real reputation behind it.
    • Better portability
    • Can be used for far more than my main intended use 
    • Resale value is better
    If I can't find a reasonable solution with Huion (the way things are sounding it's going to be no solution) I will make sure that any and everyone that crosses my path interested in Huion will get my full input about it :)

  • HI, my posts are no longer appearing here, are they being censored?

  • Just an update on my situation...

    Huion is still refusing to service my tablet due to me being out of warranty according to them.

    Since I purchased off Aliexpress, I checked and I should actually be covered under a 2 year warranty as I purchased from a country with a legal right to a minimum of 2 years warranty on purchases. Aliexpress follows the local rules from the country of purchase.

    Despite me sending this evidence to Huion, they are still claiming my order is only covered for 1 year and are refusing to service my disconnecting tablet. I have since escalated to Aliexpress dispute and am awaiting a resolution from them.

    Please everyone, don't buy these defective products to save a few bucks, spend a bit extra and get a Wacom instead, you won't have to deal with this shady company. 

    As a note, everyone who needed to pay extra delivery charges for replacements and are based in the EU or UK (currently still covered by an equivalent to the EU trading laws). You are NOT legally required to pay these charges. Huion should be covering this entirely as stated by EU laws on defective products:

    "Under EU law, within the legal guarantee period of two years, defective products must be repaired or replaced without any cost to the consumer. This includes any shipping costs. So, the seller should cover all shipping costs (the cost of you sending the faulty camera to the them and the trader returning the repaired camera to you)."

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  • Just an update on this for others facing the same issue as me...

    They finally admitted that I am indeed eligible for a 2 years warranty after I escalated on Aliexpress yet they are trying to charge me 15 USD shipping to "test" a new USB-C cable to see if that is the issue. 

    They are technically required to pay for the cost of shipping due to the terms of the warranty yet they are trying to charge me a high amount for the cable. I know for a fact that it doesn't cost them 15USD to ship the cable, I got a replacement cable before from them and it costs <5USD to ship it back then since they used economy China Post (took over a month). I could literally buy an equivalent cable and ship it faster from AliExpress for less than they are asking for postage:


    The only issue of course is the too narrow opening on the tablet itself making it so you have to use their thin cable.

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  • Update: Sent a video update a week ago and this is how this retard responds. Mind you I've had this tablet for 12 months and this chink is like "hurr durr it broke you buy another"


  • Jon, that calls for a class action lawsuit, for a wide known factory issue. Huion has been issuing misleading solutions for over a year, the warranty conditions do not apply at this point and it needs legal action. There is a lot of evidence here for how they been handling this issue. Although I have to mention they did solve my case personally, they also promised to "look further into this" for everyone else, regarding the logistics side and also the diagnostics. A lot of the people here isn't tech illiterate so asking for the diagnosis process to he on the customer side is just irresponsible.

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  • Jon, you might as well start looking other options. I'd suggest Wacom. Had one for like 5 years and never had an issue, sadly then I decided to try Huion and got disappointed. Wacom tablets are more expensive but you'll probably save a lot of issues.

  • Update on the update:

    These guys are straight clowns

  • Looks like my last message was blocked.

  • Jon, understand your frustration, I am going through the same with them but no need to be racist.

    I am actually under warranty (confirmed with Huion now after many days) and they are still making me jump through hoops with getting anything done. They want to charge me 15USD to ship a cable for me to "try" even though my existing cable is likely fine and from this thread it seems like the tablet is at fault. Technically they are liable to pay for shipping out my replacement cable but I give up arguing with them over this and will pay for the cable if they finally accept after I try it that my tablet is at fault and fix it.

    What I find unacceptable with their customer service is their attitude whilst dealing with my issues, they are constantly arguing and using delaying tactics to try and get out of doing anything. Some choice quotes from our multi-day conversation:

    Reply when asking why shipping a cable from Shenzen to Hong Kong cost 15 USD:

    What's wrong with paying freight for more than one year overdue orders??

    Please don't keep arguing with us with your so-called warranty regulations!

    14.99 is the freight

    [Smile]  you can come to shenzhen to pick it up by yourself [Smile]

    In fact, we have wasted too much time on your expenses

    No matter what kind of solution we give you, you are not satisfied??

    Reply when I responded that my tablet is actually under warranty and they should help me fix it:

    How did you use it a few months ago?

    You can buy a new line of our brand

    Instead of arguing about your country's relevant laws and regulations here

    Reply when I copied and pasted the Aliexpress text stating that my order is covered by a 2-year warranty:

    It's kind of funny Do you need a lifetime warranty when you buy a product?


    I find their responses extremely unprofessional, I was merely stating my right to get my product repaired.

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  • Hey Jonathan, 

    I agree racism is unwarranted. I wish I could edit past messages, but EH at least it conveys something true.... which is the feeling of being robbed of nearly $400 and then being asked if you want a discount on another $400 item.... you're going to want to "get back" ...it's not even a race thing to be honest but yea I shouldn't have said it.

    Ivy Jiang can still suck a duck!

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  • Add me to the long list of users affected by the Kamvas 13 (2020) USB Disconnecting issue. I went back-and-forth with the Support email contact this summer and I got nowhere... I spent money having them ship me a cable which did nothing to fix the problem (And, I'd note, is not useful for any other purpose - It's just electronic waste that adds to the landfill

  • My previous comment was truncated (Turns out this forum does not support emoji).

    Today I have a defective tablet that Huion refuses to take responsibility for. I wasted weeks going back-and-forth with John from support in which they refuse to admit that they released a broken product. They weakly offer me an identical replacement - which, mind you, isn't *fixed* and might show up exhibiting the very same symptom as mine! - but at a cost of $40 USD. That is patently ridiculous. Not to mention -- The way you are running them all through the Huion store as new sales, not warranty exchanges, makes me think that the company is doing this solely to boost their "sales numbers" artificially!

    Now... For a brief moment, I considered trying out the newly-released Kamvas 16 (2.5K) because this disconnection issue appears to be, as far as we all know, specific to the model 13 (2020).

    But then I caught up on the last 2 months of posts in this thread. Huion, you should absolutely be ashamed of yourself for the way in which you speak to your customers. We paid good money for a product which you are refusing to properly honor the warranty for, worse yet you are insulting, berating, and mocking your users for daring to ask for your help fixing your problem. 

    After seeing how Huion has responded to us in this forum thread and in email messages posted here by other commenters, I will absolutely not buy another Huion brand tablet. You have lost my business. I almost considered buying from you again until I saw how offensive and rude your support responses to us have become. That is unacceptable!

    Huion has earned a bold, red "F" on their report card. And to John Z, thanks for being absolutely no help to us at all ... I regret wasting weeks corresponding with you only to reach a dead-end more than I regret buying the Kamvas 13 (2020) in the first place.

    To the other commenters here, I am sorry we are all in this situation, and I am disappointed that Huion has so blatantly let us down and disrespected us. I will actively recommend to all of my friends that they avoid the Huion brand at all costs. As for myself, I plan to buy a Wacom Cintiq 16 to replace my defective device which Huion is so loathe to provide support for.

    0/10, would never recommend again.

    Shame on you, Huion. Shame on you.

  • Hi Jonathan Cheung, firstly, I would like to apologize on how you were assisted through the AliExpress platform. We will make sure to properly address this and provide proper coaching to improve our customer service. 

    As for your tablet replacement, I'm happy to know that you have received it. 

    Hi Jon Ag, we have also sent your tablet replacement and I'm glad that you have received it as well.

    Hi Chris Evans, I've read through your ticket information from 5 months ago and I'm sorry that the the replacement cable did not resolve your issue. Unfortunately, we have not received further reply from you that is why we weren't able to continue in resolving your issue. We would like to request that you provide us with a video of the disconnection issue as you use the replacement cable and the original cable that came with the tablet so we can proceed in assisting you. We appreciate your cooperation for us to be able to do what is necessary. We look forward to receiving your video. 


    For everyone, we are sorry if we have to ask several information from you especially for asking a video. The video is not to discourage you from claiming your warranty but in the contrary, it would even help us have a better understanding about your issue and would help us assess what caused the issue. Moreover, it will also be used when we submit the necessary replacement item; cable, pen or tablet itself. We humbly ask for your patience, understanding and cooperation so we can resolve your issue faster and provide a better service. 

    We always appreciate your feedback on our products and on how we provide our service. Rest assured that we are always working to further improve our products and services. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support