Kamvas 13 Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Hey there! Recently bought the Kamvas 13 from Amazon and immediately fell in love with it but recently its been having issues staying connected. I'm using the 3-1 cable and it will start a cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting. The screen will stay on but the led light will be constantly turning off then on with the windows noise signaling a device being disconnected. I've tried updating the driver (none available), reinstalling the driver, unplugging the tablet and plugging it back in but it always ends up doing this. Is this a driver issue? Cable issue? Bad tablet?

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  • hey, sorry if my english is bad ...

    I have the error of disconnection in the tablet for a long time and I have been following this forum for a while, so hard to fix the drivers? It is so difficult for them not to give a solution other than the 3 on 1 cable? it's disappointing how they go round and round in the same thing, the problem IS NOT THE CABLE, I tried my tablet with another cable from one of my co-workers and guess, the tablet makes the same mistake meanwhile it works wonders for him (Kanvas16 ) Is the problem with the Kanvas 13, the support they have given has been very bad, why don't they change the tablet instead of making us spend money buying another cable? The problem is clearly not this, it is the tablet, it is its driver.

  • Well it looks like I got robbed twice!!

    They told me that I should buy a new device as a replacement and they will refund the price of the new device to me

    I did what they asked; Now they claim that they sent me the money, but I did not receive anything and When I ask them where my money is or where you sent it, they don't answer

    This is the strangest situation I've been in in my life

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  • So, I guess that's it? There'll be no solution for those with broken kamvas 13? I'm quite disappointed, because I had to work, and I couldn't afford wasting time on shipping cables both ways from Asia, so I was really hoping for some solution. I guess I'll have to give it back for refund/change
  • Ok so, i bought my kamvas 13 on january and been having this problem since, i thought that was a driver problem but it seens that it's not, i already tried killing the driver on task manager, updating the drivers, updating the firmware, connecting on another computer and nothing works. What can i do? This is so expensive here in my country, i don't have money to buy another one, to buy new cables, can you guys please help? I'm begging you!

  • It doesn't seem that there's a fix for it. Huion has just been giving everyone the runaround and refuses to address / fix the issues with the tablet.

  • Good day everyone! I apologize for the delay in replying to all comments in this topic. I will do my best to address each of your posts accordingly. 

    Hi Ignacio L,  I'm sorry if you feel that way. But since the cable replacement and firmware update does not resolve your issue, it means that your unit needs to be replaced. The video is indeed a documentation so we can see that it has the disconnection issue since not all units are affected by this. Although there are other customers who are facing similar problems, I hope you understand that we are also following a verification procedure, especially if your replacement unit still has the same issue. The video is very important for us which will be forwarded to our factory, aside from the serial number for further investigation. Hoping for your understanding and cooperation. 

    If you prefer another brand, we humbly respect your decision.

    Hi David Horita, thank you for your question. We were able to find the cause which is why we are offering replacements to the affected units. And thank you for sharing your thoughts about product. Rest assured we will forward it to our factory.

    Hi ehab elsehly, we are sorry that you have to place another order as your replacement. There are certain platforms wherein a different replacement process needs to be employed. We have refunded the money you've spent to your Amazon account and if you have issues locating it, kindly contact Amazon customer service. Please refer to our email replies for screenshots of the proof of refund from our end.

    Moreover, we had issues sending replies to Gmail accounts last month causing our replies to bounce. We were using our temporary mailbox which was huiontabletservice@gmail.com. 

    Hi Ryan M., I understand your hesitation about our replacement process. Rest assured those who got the replacements recently no longer experienced the disconnection issue and we no longer request our customers to return the defective unit back. Please send an email to us at service@huion.com with the following information so we can assist you further; either with a cable replacement or an entire tablet unit:

    • Serial number
    • Order number
    • A video of your cable connection from your tablet to your computer and the disconnection issue

    Hi _Lazzy, once again, I would like to apologize for all the hassle this issue has caused, as well as with your service experience. If you don't want to deal with the replacement process, we will honor your request for a refund. Kindly provide the same information above to the same email address so we can assist you further.

    Hi Jens Madsen, our warranty covers replacement parts however, regrettably, incidental costs such as shipping fees are not covered. I'm sorry that you have requested a refund instead but we understand and respect your decision. 

    Hi Jonathan Chapman, your sentiments are duly noted and again, we are sorry for all the hassle you have to go through. Your feedback about our process will be forwarded. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    Hi peropero blue firefly, if you are still within the warranty, please do contact us or our authorized reseller (if you purchased it from our resellers in your area) for replacement. Since the cable did not resolve your issue, you need a tablet replacement. Please follow the steps I've provided previously so you can get the needed replacement unit.

    Hi Jakub Sikorski, we ship the replacement units, either cable or tablet, from our warehouses nearest you. By the way, you don't need to return the defective cable, if it's just the cable causing the issue. As I've mentioned previously, I hope you can follow the steps I've provided for faster resolution. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    Hi Alice, once again, we apologize for the issue you are having with your tablet. Since you are still within the warranty, you don't need to purchase a new cable. I may sound like a broken record but please follow the steps I've posted last March 11th for faster resolution. I'm posting the same steps below for your convenience: 

    1. Uninstall and reinstall the latest version 15 of the tablet driver by checking our official website through this link: Huion Kamvas 13 Tablet Display Drivers. When installing the driver, make sure that your tablet is not connected to your computer, your antivirus is turned off, and all your drawing programs are closed. After you've installed the driver, connect your tablet to your computer and check if the issue gets resolved. 
    2. If reinstalling the driver or installing different versions do not resolve your issue, please send the following to service@huion.com to be further assisted for cable replacement:
      • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
      • Order number
      • Link to your video of your cable connection from your tablet to your computer and the disconnection and reconnection issue
    3. If the replacement cable do not resolve your issue, please continue to update us through the ticket and provide another video as you connect the original cable that shows the disconnection issue and then connect the replacement cable with the same issue as well. 

    Hi Tory Newsome, I'm sorry if you feel that replacing the tablet is not a way of addressing the issue. If you have other suggestions on how to address this issue, please do let us know and we would be more than happy to hear it. We look forward to it. Thank you!

    Best Regards to all,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi! I also have problems with my Kamvas 13. Mine was purchased last year in September via amazon. It has always had the disconnection issue but never gave it a thought since I believed it was my pc, until I found out a LOT of people have this exact same problem. I have regularly updated the drivers of my tablet and the problem persists. Went to my local Huion Store (In Chile) and there we tried different cables in order to purchase a new one, but the problem persisted, so they told me I had to contact you for support and possible replacement since It was purchased via amazon and not my local store.

    It really bugs me the fact that I would have to lose time at work by having, not only, to wait weeks for me to send the tablet and then way more weeks waiting for my replacement unit to arrive, but that, by reading this forum, would also have to PAY that shipping (And considering I'm from Chile that's way more than 50USD, that is not reasonable knowing that's 1/4 the price of the tablet).

    By the date, I assume my tablet is also one of the early production units, S/N A6DE6SH05355

  • @Orliza Amodia 

    Ok, i can confirm Huion's Support is just absolutely INEPT at their job. It's seriously just like speaking to a robot, even worse i would say.

    How many times do i have to send a video of the problem? How many times do i need to tell you that the shipment of the tablet BY YOUR SIDE was declined twice because you don't like paying for the shipping and leave us with the tax and shipping to pay? This is seriously an on going joke at this point. Just goes to show you they don't care users that purchase their "cheaper" tablets and only offer good support to those that spend a lot of money on equipment. Awful fucking company.

  • Hi Angel Canales, we will do our best to work with you and find a solution. May you please send an email to service@huion.com with the necessary information so we can assist your further?

    Hi Ignacio L, are you using the same account as the one you used in posting your forum comments? I tried to search for your videos but I can't seem to find any. May I know which email address did you send your videos to? 

    We do value all our customers no matter which Huion product you purchased. I will personally look into your concern however, all I can see are your forum posts in our system. Do you have a ticket number?

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Orliza, the support guys are asking me to send them money via PayPal for shipping. Is this standard practice? Is this trustable? Besides my country, I haven't even told my address yet and they had the fee ready to be requested (although, thankfully, way less than what I was expecting)
  • Hi Angel Canales, yes, we do recommend the shipping fee be sent to our PayPal account. I was able to access your ticket details and the PayPal account provided is correct. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Ortiza, Chilean customs law requires me to present a replacement certificate in order to get the device into the country. Will you be providing it? Otherwise the device will be seized by customs with no chance of retrieval. 

  • @Angel Canales Don't bother, HUION refuses to help anyone with this problem. Instead of actually sending the replacement tablet for free considering everyone has the issue, they rather get money from you so later when it gets to you, you have to deal with customs (which are a pain in the ass). After that they refuse to give any other help, it's a complete joke. 

    Damn, they haven't even tried to solve the issue with a driver, they haven't updated the driver in 3 months which just shows you how incompetent they are as a company. Just don't bother giving them your money and switch to a tablet company that actually cares.

  • I received a new tablet, but I still have the same random disconnection problem. If it helps some, I can reproduce the problem by running a video renderer in Kdenlive (probably something to do with RAM or Proc usage), when rendering I have disconnections for almost the entire time the video is rendering. I tested the new tablet on a third PC with this time an Intel platform and I have the same problem...

  • Hi,

    I got my pen display replacement a month ago (give or take), but because I am taking care of personal stuff weeks at a time at another city, I didn't use it much.

    I used it one week straigth when I got it and it beeped twice at the end of the week (once sunday and once monday), then I was away for two weeks and when I came back I used it again for a week everyday (sometimes just to play games and have a second screen but always with everything connected) and it also beeped  only after one week of use (I can't think of any reason for that).

    It disconnects/connects just one time, no endless looping and is totally random and I can't seem to be able to reproduce the problem like I did with the first one ( if I opened the Steam my first device would totally enter in rave mode with the beeps).

    I will now send an email to them with my feedback just so they don't think I ghosted them. And I doubt I will be able to prove that this one beeps too (is rare and fast, I can't catch it on video).

    Other than that, is working fine...I guess...seems better than the first one for sure.

    Oh and the first cable and the replacement one work fine with this device, but the first device still has the problem with all the cables.

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