Kamvas 13 Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Hey there! Recently bought the Kamvas 13 from Amazon and immediately fell in love with it but recently its been having issues staying connected. I'm using the 3-1 cable and it will start a cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting. The screen will stay on but the led light will be constantly turning off then on with the windows noise signaling a device being disconnected. I've tried updating the driver (none available), reinstalling the driver, unplugging the tablet and plugging it back in but it always ends up doing this. Is this a driver issue? Cable issue? Bad tablet?

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  • Seriously...
    Just wrote back to support asking if I can still get my tablet replaced.
    They wrote me this...

    Hi Jens,

    Sorry, we can't, it had been half year with the product you've purchased. And it works normally on your Mac computer, it also possible was the windows system issue.

    Have a nice day.

    Seriously. Fuck you HUION.

  • Seriously... 
    I asked if it's still okey to do a replacement and got this....

    Hi Jens,

    Sorry, we can't, it had been half year with the product you've purchased. And it works normally on your Mac computer, it also possible was the windows system issue.

    Have a nice day.

  • I received a replacement tablet from support. I've had it plugged in for at least 2 full days and so far I've had no more disconnection issues.

  • I love it, support keeps telling me they can send a replacement unit but right AFTER paying for the shipping fee then they tell me that i should buy from their page instead of the replacement unit... Can you guys make up your mind? Your support is just not taking this seriously, at this point it feels like a joke. Do you want to send me the tablet or not? From my point of view, you don't even care about losing potential customers, you just care about the money you get, you won't even offer good support for those that YOU KNOW can't buy from your site and decide to buy in their country because of import fees.

    Absolute joke of a company. 


    Hello Jason Roberts and Mike Chernett ,

    For your replacment Kamvas 13 you received, can you please tell me what is on the back of your Kamvas 13, just below the serial number, does it say "Manufactured in 2020" ?

    I received a replacement from HUION and was just going to plug it in to see if the USB connection issue is solved.

    BTW, my replacement Kamvas13 says "Manufactured in 2020"

  • I got mine today and it also says Manufactured 2020. I can only test it at the end of the day tho. Fingers crossed
  • I can confirm my replacement says Manufactured in 2020 so far no issues. I even switched to the usb-c to usb-c cable that I bought with my original tablet.

  • I received my replacement last week; so far it's been stable.  Manufacture date also 2020, firmware M20h_201129.  The first one was ordered from Amazon (US) in October, 2020.

    It does seem the newer ones behave better, and it strongly suggests a hardware problem on the part of the Kamvas 13 (I just plugged the new one using the drivers that were already installed from the previous tablet).  

    It would really do Huion well to extend the warranty on these tablets an additional year and to be proactive about replacing bad devices. The Kamvas 13 is an entry level tablet; if customers don't like/trust Huion, they'll switch brands when they get bigger, more expensive devices.  

  • Both the tablet i owned before and the one i have now both said Manufactured in 2020 yet both of them had the disconnect issue. I'm most certain it isn't related to the "manufactured in XX" but rather the serial number attached to it that dictates if it is a new model or not. For a reason it is the 2020 edition, doesn't make sense that if it was manufactured in 2019. 

  • In any case, it is already confirmed that Huion support simply does not care for customers that have the cheaper devices.

  •  I received my replacement.  It too had the "manufactured in 2020" below the serial number, but the firmware is at M19f_200904.  So far it's been performing well without any USB disconnections.  HUION appears to have made some hardware updates to address this issue.  I am using the original 3-in-1 cable from my defective pen display and the same V15 drivers I had previously installed and this replacement Kamvas 13 has not experienced any USB disconnection issues so far.

    I had also previous flashed the same firmware M19f_200904 on the defective pen display and the USB issue was still present.  So HUION must have been some hardware changes at some point knowing the issue that many customers posted here. I just wish the replacement process was simpler instead of the need to make several videos and communicating over several days to get a replacemment.  I also has to pay US$40 for shipping.

    Will post another update if there are any issues.

    If you are within your 1 or 2 year warrenty you can try to get a replacement from HUION.  It's definetly a hastle to provide several videos with evidence of the fault, but the replacements seem to be working.

  • They told me "you should buy a new device and send the order number" and then they will refund the money to my account within 1-3 days.

    It's been a week since I sent the order number and I haven't received anything

    I am afraid this is a scam

    Anyone know how to act in my case?

  •  my last mail from them (yesterday) had a note


    "NOTE: Currently, our mail server has issues in sending emails to Gmail accounts. Our IT team has been working diligently with our mail service provider and Google to resolve this issue. As we wait for a resolution, we are using our Gmail account temporarily so we can continue to service your needs. We will revert back to our official email accounts as soon as the issue is resolved. Here's hoping for your understanding."

    maybe that's why they are taking so long to reply to you, I don't know.

    On other news, my replacement is working fine but I want to test it a little more before confirming with them. I am using it only like a second monitor and haven't even take the protecting film off XD.

    I want to keep it connected more hours in a row and actually use it before sending my feedback.

  • Is support still working?

    Nobody answer me there

  • For what it's worth, I suffer the disconnection issues, I've used a friend's cable who has no issues with her tablet, and her cable did not solve the issue (so not the cable), I've used it on three windows devices and it's disconnected on each of them. I've tried different suggested drivers and had no success. My serial number is A7DE7SH08332 and I'm out of the warranty time so I don't mind sharing it if it helps shed any more light on what tablets might be having this issue.

    Support has been completely unhelpful. This is not Orliza's fault, who I am sure has just been given a process to follow, but a failing of the company. From my perspective there is a major issue with a large range of Kamvas 13 tablets that Huion are simply not addressing except by forcing people to jump through hoops, posting videos, paying shipping money for useless replacement cables, most likely to dissuade people from pursuing the issue and giving up. Whether or not that's the truth, I don't know - but that's how I feel and I'm exhausted. So well played Huion, I don't care any more.

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