Huion Kamvas Pro 16 - Device Disconnected

First installation of the updated and correct driver was ok but after shutting down and booting the laptop again, the driver says it's disconnected even though the cables are plugged in nicely. I reinstalled the driver properly, and it worked but again once I shutdown I had to setup and reinstall all over again because it says Device Disconnected. I did that a few times just to use it. But it's a bit of extra work to do since i thought buying it would make everything convenient. how to fix this?
  • Hi Ayumi, I'm sorry to know about your driver issue. May you please provide the following:

    • Your laptop model
    • Your laptop's computer operating system version
    • Driver version you installed (please provide all versions you've installed)

    Kindly answer the following questions as well:

    1. When the driver shows disconnected even when the cables are securely plugged in, are you able to move your mouse cursor with your pen? 
    2. Have you tried connecting the USB end of your 3-in-1 cable to another USB port on your computer? 

    I will wait for your reply so we will know how to proceed.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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