concepts app no penpressure for kamvas 13

I was testing new android art and design apps and found the app concepts to be very well suited for design drawing.

it has penpressure support for drawingtablets  that are compatible with android.

i tested this with the xp-pen g640s drawing tablet and penpressure worked.

however the huion kamvas 13 pendisplay does not generate any penpressure in this app.

ive reached out to the people at concepts and they dont seem to know why the kamvas 13 does not evoke penpressure when other pentablets do.

this was their last reply after i explained the situation:

"Perhaps as a next step you could ask Huion? Having a request come from one of their customers to get things working with Concepts could trigger them to look into why it's not working. 

You can share my email address with them if they want to follow-up with me..."

i do hope huion can check into this . as this seems to have the same problem as with ibis paint app that also has penpressure working for many drawing tablets including huions but not for the kamvas 13 pendisplay.

dont get me wrong i love the kamvas13 for what it does and for the incredible price it goes for, but i do hop the android compatibility problem where some apps have problems with it pressure wise and otheres dont even though they all work with drawing tablets compatible with android.

best regards ,


  • Hi Stephan de Vetten, thank you for sharing the no pen pressure in the Concepts app as you use your Kamvas 13. The is a known issue but I will still forward your concern to our software engineers. We would like to request for your patience since we don't have an estimated timeframe on when we can have pen pressure in the said Android app.

    As with the Ibis Paint, our test showed that the Kamvas 13 works well on the said app and has pressure sensitivity. May you please provide the following information so we can check on it further:

    • Android version of your phone
    • Your phone's model
    • Ibis Paint version you are using

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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