desktop version of krita on android , kamvas 13 has no pressure, wacom one does have it

i know huion kamvas 13 as of yet does not have tilt but it does have pressure.

you can use it in infinite painter, huion sketch and medibang.

recently krita has made a version for android , the full desktop version.

this is the best and most extreme painting app a serious artist can use on android.

in a youtube video by aaron rutten it was shown the wacom one hass pressure and tilt working in krita for android.

i know tilt does not work yet in huion kamvas 13 on android but pressure does.

it just does not work in krita. 

as wacom one is the immediat competition for kamvas 13 as they are nearly identical in specs with huions having better specs , it would be wise and great if the kamvas 13 actually also had penpressure working n krita.

i know this must be something krita must edit in their app but might be wise to reach out to them.

having full desktop mode painting app on android  is a great incentive for people to buy this extremely portable pendisplay , the kamvas 13 

marketing wise it might be good to contact them, and get penpressure for that app to work like it does for the wacom one

  • Hi Stephan de Vetten, thank you for posting your suggestion. This has been forwarded to our software engineers. As to when or if this will be implemented, please keep an eye on our future announcement, whether for a new driver or a firmware update. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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