Is there any possible way I can connect the Kansas 22 plus to my chrome book because I have that adtapter for the hdmi and the UCB c port too
  • Hi, I know the most recent update on the Kamvas 13 with Chromebooks was only 12 days ago, but I just got a kamvas 13 for my birthday and I can plug it into my hp chromebook and draw, however when I went to install the Linux driver for the kamvas 13, the huion app shows "device disconnected" even when the tablet is plugged in. I cant do basic tasks such as zoom in zoom out or change any of the side buttons/pen buttons until I get the driver as far as I'm aware, so how can I fix this? thank you!!

  • Hi, Lana. I'm sorry, Linux drivers cannot be used with Chromebooks; these are two different operating systems. Sadly, we currently don't have drivers for Chromebooks. Hoping for your understanding.

    Kindly uninstall the Linux driver and use your Kamvas 13 without a driver. It will still work with your Chromebook without a driver.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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