Help me to choose the Righ Pen tablet?

I am interested to buy pen tablet. But, I am confused about what would be best choice for buying right pen tablet. Here is the three model H1161, Q620M, HS611. What would be best choice?

  • Hi Md Imran Khan, thank you for your interest in purchasing our product. These 3 models have different features and all 3 are good choices:

    1. Choose H1161 if you need a lot of press key functions. This model has 10 hard press keys, 16 soft keys and a touch strip. 
    2. Choose Q620M if you prefer to use the dial instead of individual keys. The dial function will matter, depending on your workflow. This doesn't have much press keys since you can use the dial feature. Moreover, this model has a wireless feature so if you want to get rid of the wires, this is the tablet for you.
    3. Choose HS611 if you want to have an easy access to multimedia such as volume control, play, and desktop options. This has touch strip like the H1161 but doesn't have the soft press keys. The good thing with this model is it has grid marks that may be helpful with your creations. This model has 3 different colors as well so you can choose this model if you want to use a colorful tablet.

    For more information on the differences of these 3 models, feel free to compare them using this link: Huion Pen Tablet Comparison. You can compare up to 4 different models. 

    You can go ahead and place your order using this link once you've made your choice: Thank you for choosing HUION!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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