Huion HS611 - Device Disconnected on MacOS Catalina

Hello, I am facing a little issue with my table HS611. I can’t get it to connect despite checking all the apps requiered in the accessibility window on MacOS. The drivers I used are the latest one on the website 14.4.5 and 14.4.4, I tried both. 14.4.4 isn’t installing at all. I tried Deleting and reinstalling the drivers multiple times but nothing work. I also changed the cable and tried a different computer which worked. It seems that it is a pretty common problem with macOS Catalina/Mojave. Thank you very much for your time !

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  • Hi mcarvalh, thank you for providing the steps you've done so far. Kindly try the steps below:

    1. Try connecting your tablet to another USB port
    2. If you are using an adapter in connecting your tablet to your computer, please try using a different adapter. 
    3. Please check if your USB ports are functioning well by trying it with another device. 

    I will further assist you through your ticket since we will have to test your tablet using our software. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I have this problem as well. I submitted a ticket but still no answer. I tried both usb ports and it does not work on either.

  • Hello Christa,

    My problem was in fact linked with the cable or the USB-C port of my tablet. The cable provided with the tablet is not working very well.

    Are you on MacBook Pro-2019 as well? if yes, you can try to plug the tablet into your MacBook with the USB-C Cable of your Mac (Charger), this worked well for me.


  • Thanks! I have a MacBook Pro 2015 running on Catalina. It says the tablet is connected, but nothing works. I have to push one of the buttons on the pen, but when I move the pen around not even touching the tablet it draws only thick lines, it's as if the actual driver isn't working..

  • Hi Christa, I believe your issue is caused by the pen. We have replied to your ticket and since we would need to test your pen further, we will assist you through your ticket. Thank you for your posts.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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