Damaged driver

I have problems with the tablet driver, it is damaged and cannot be installed correctly. I have this tablet for approx. 2 years, and since then I have had some compatibility problems, (for example, the buttons do not work well, and the driver program gives me problems) at the time I resumed the tablet, this was new and it came from the factory ( I mean without all the accessories) I do not know exactly where the purchase was, since it was a gift, and this is my first tablet, now I wanted to install a more updated driver and I realized that the .exe file that comes on the card is damaged and I cannot start the installation correctly. (I'm sorry if my english is bad)

  • My tablet is New1060Plus (8192)

  • Hi Misty Gahata, I'm sorry to know about your driver issues. May I know which driver versions you've tried so far? 

    If the driver saved in your tablet's card is damaged, you don't need to worry since you can download the file directly from our official website using this link: Huion New 1060Plus (8192) Graphic Tablet Drivers. You can just replace the driver saved in your card with this one. Please take note of the following:

    1. After you download the driver from our website, please unzip or extract the file before installing the driver.
    2. Uninstall all other tablet drivers from your computer, whether from us or other brands. Having other tablet drivers installed on your computer may affect the tablet driver's performance.
    3. Make sure that your tablet is not connected to your computer, all drawing programs are closed and your antivirus is turned off when you install the driver.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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