huion kamvas gt-221 pro aren't customizing?

Serial number: 8cdb8sh01768

Tablet model: huion kamvas gt-221 pro
OS: Windows 10

Diver ver.



Hey y'alls

I finally made the leap and bought a giant drawing tablet (the huion kamvas gt-221 pro), which I am in love with! But for some reason, only the keys on the left half will let me customize them. I'm using their latest-released driver. When I click on the right keys (the ones in the pink box) to customize, nothing happens. I can't even see what's assigned to that set of keys. Help! Why is this happening??

  • Hi dead inside, thank you for purchasing the GT-221 Pro tablet display. May you please click on "Administrative privileges" and check if you can customize the press keys in the left-hand side? Please try installing the tablet driver version 14.8.90 and check if you won't have any issues using this driver. Kindly make sure that you always click on "Administrative privileges" whenever you see it on your driver.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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